Beauty Queen Stripped of Crown Over Conservative Tweets

I always thought beauty queens needed two things to win: a pretty face and a desire to create world peace.

Apparently, it’s become way more political than that.

The Miss World America pageant decided only leftists should hold a crown. Thus, they stripped Kathy Zhu of her Miss Michigan title. Their reasoning? Zhu posted a few “insensitive” political tweets. Further, she refused to wear a hijab back in 2016.

If you’re anything like me, you might be asking yourself “is Zhu Muslim?” If not, why on Earth would she need to wear a hijab?

Apparently, Twitter tweeters agree.

This is even more ridiculous than the time Alicia Keys made a fool of herself on Twitter, embracing the hijab. But here’s the real question about this new controversy. If Zhu refused the hijab in 2016, why is she suddenly being reprimanded?

Well, I think I found the answer folks! Miss Michigan is a Trump supporter.

Rise to Fame

Zhu first garnered recognition for supporting Donald Trump in 2016.

As Newsweek tells us:

Kathy Zhu, 20, is a University of Michigan student who earlier this week was named as an Indiana and Michigan 2019 national finalist in her bid to make it to the Miss and Teen World America Preliminary and Finals, which will be held in Las Vegas in October.

But after organizers became aware of Zhu’s controversial social media posts, they removed her from the competition and asked her to stop posting anything relating to the contest, reported.

Zhu—who was born in China and moved to the U.S. aged 5—posted her conversations with the organization on Twitter, sparking fury among online conservatives.

Zhu said on Twitter she had been stripped of her title “due to my refusal to try on a hijab in 2018, my tweet about black on black gun violence, and ‘insensitive’ statistical tweets.”

Zhu, who has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram combined under the handle “PoliticalKathy,” first gained online fame for her Trump support during the 2016 presidential election.

She gained notoriety in 2018 after she complained on Twitter about a “Try a hijab” booth at her college. “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing?” she wrote, according to The Orlando Sentinel. “Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

Of course, angry Muslim students rallied to get Zhu expelled. Then Zhu made another huge mistake. She told the truth.

Black on Black Crime

In another tweet, Zhu tackled black-on-black violence.

“Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks?” Zhu wrote on Twitter. “Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.”

Leftists believe Zhu misspoke. However, in the FBI’s uniform crime-reporting data for 2016, 90.1 percent of black victims of homicide were killed by other black people. Thus, statistics suggest Zhu is correct. What good comes of ignoring the crime and violence plaguing the black communities? Surely, if that were a solid strategy, statistics would show black on black crime dying out. Because liberals deny it at every turn.

How dare Zhu speak out against the dark shadow such crimes cast on our supposedly civilized nation. Because activism like that is more than a beauty queen should get involved with. At least that’s the message I get from Miss World America.

She’s Out

After exchanging messages with the Michigan state director Lauri DeJack, Zhu had only one choice. She went public with their blatant discrimination against her. It’s the only way a conservative has any hope of weathering the liberal backlash.

Newsweek continues:

DeJack wrote, “It has been brought to the attention of Miss World America that your social media accounts contain offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content, and in violation of MWA’s Rules and Conditions, specifically the contestant requirement of ‘being of good character and whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute Miss World America or any person associated with the organisation’.”

“Therefore, and effective immediately, MWA does not recognize you as a participant of any sort or in any capacity as it relates to any and all events of MWA,” DeJack continued.

“Furthermore, let this communication serve as official notice to remove any mention of yourself as a participant in MWA from all social media platforms (including photographs of you wearing the MWA Michigan sash and/or crown, and any text claiming to be a participant of MWA events).”

Zhu stood by her tweet, replying to DeJack saying, “Statistics and facts are not always pleasant. It’s disgusting how you would rather lie to the public’s face than be supportive of someone that is trying to make a difference by talking about subjects that no one dares to say.”

Now, conservatives are speaking out in favor of Zhu. But I find myself wondering why only conservative values constantly come under attack. So far, my only thought is this. Maybe liberal values can’t be attacked because they don’t exist.

*Editor’s Note: We reached out to MWA for a comment. However, we were unable to get a response. If we hear back, this article will be updated.

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