Biden Not Sure if He Can Beat Trump

Joe Biden acts cocky. But when the chips are down, Biden folds like a cheap lawn chair.

As most people know, this is Biden’s third swing at the presidency. Spoiler alert: Biden strikes out.

No “third time’s the charm” ending for Creepy Joe and his dwindling supporters.

Even Biden realizes the futility of his third presidential run.

Recently when asked if he could have beaten Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Creepy Joe told the New York Times, “I don’t know.”

I don’t know?

He’s supposed to KNOW that he can beat the man he now potentially faces, right?

I suspect hardcore Democrats must be surprised by this answer, particularly given the head-to-head [fake news] polls. Those polls suggest that Trump just give the keys to the White House to Biden.

Ten point lead or more for Biden in the matchup. Why should Trump even bother? Perhaps President Trump runs on the muscle-memory of the ass kicking he gave to Hillary Clinton, a much more formidable candidate than Sleepy Creepy Joe.

Biden continued,

“Everybody says that [he could be Trump]. But look, I don’t know. You’ve got to be in the game. I thought Hillary would have made a good president.”

I love the segue to Hillary Clinton. “I thought Hillary would have made a good president.”

Yeah, well 63 million actual Americans didn’t. And that same group and likely 7 million or so more don’t think Biden would be a good president, and they are right.

What was Biden supposed to say?

If I were Biden I would have said,

“Not that it matters, but yes I would have beaten Trump. But what does matter is I will beat the 20+ Democrats to earn the nomination, then I get the chance to prove I can beat Trump. No need to look back, because I chose not to run.”

Biden can’t think on his feet. That’s why Kamala Harris stumped him on his racist past, leaving Biden holding his pecker in front of a world audience. And if he can’t best Harris, he certainly can’t best Trump.

Hey Pollsters, where are the new head-to-head [fake news] polls? IS THIS THING ON?!

You can bet that pollsters don’t want to report that even their fake news head to head polls have Biden’s [fictitious] lead over Trump shrinking like a pecker in a snow storm.

Back in June, MSNBC happily reported that Biden would beat Trump by 10 points.

Think MSNBC cares to report on any new poll data?

I searched, and there is NO NEW POLLING DATA since June on head-to-head matchups. Yes, you know why.

Because things don’t look good for the Democrats, and particularly their Great White Dope.

Biden recently got some black organization to endorse him. A last ditch effort of a dying campaign. But who will replace Biden to challenge Trump?

Nobody. The Democrats have nobody who can beat Trump. They know it.

I dare any Democrat to list the attributes of each candidate as compared to Trump. Send that gladiator into the arena to face Trumpus Maximus. Negro, PLEASE!


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