Biden’s Desperation Debate Gamble

Creepy Joe Biden decided to get mean in the next debates. Actually, Tommy Toughass said it a bit differently.

For the next debate, Biden says he’ll be less “polite” towards his rivals. That’s a whole other way of looking at being a badass.

Can you imagine Biden in a UFC press conference?

“My opponent stands NO chance. I plan to try to not allow him to win!”

Biden made his declaration at an tony fundraising event at the Detroit Golf Club. That’s right, Mr. Everyday “Creepy” Joe wants to roll with the Big Donor Dogs. And while there, he assured the fat cats that he’s in it to win it, saying, “I’m not going to be as polite this time.”

Biden’s comment reflected an obvious concern with the shellacking he received from Kamala Harris. Recall Harris put Biden on Front Street in her calls of racism from his past.

Biden was obviously and stupidly caught off guard. I mentioned shortly thereafter that Biden seems to think he would get a pass into the ass-kicking by Trump. Not so fast.

Further, the attack by Harris and others was unexpected because Biden helped many of them when he road the coattails of Baby Black Jesus. This is why Biden declared that he’ll get meaner at next week’s debate, “because this is the same person who asked me to come to California and nominate her in her convention.”

Past is prologue. Game on.

Biden wants revenge. But not because he can fight the accusations of racism. Biden indeed hung out with rabid racists, and used them to get ahead politically.

But Biden wants revenge because his poll numbers and donor base eroded. If Biden doesn’t do better in the next debate, his political career ends…again.

Frankly, I’m anxious to see Biden actually defend his record. Usually when he does this he lies through his teeth about his credentials.

But what will be more fun is watching Biden go on offense. Even Biden knows he can’t beat Trump, but I predict he will target Harris to begin with. Hopefully he will attack her for sleeping her way to the top? Because she certainly wouldn’t see that coming.

Regardless of what Biden does, you can expect a blood-in-the-water shark feeding frenzy.

PJ Media has already suggested that Cory Booker vows to attack Biden on race issues:

Biden had better be ready for a fight on multiple fronts, since Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) has promised “additional attacks” on the man who claimed earlier this week to have gotten our troops out of Iraq. The Washington Examiner‘s Noah Garfinkel reports:

The New Jersey senator plans to question Joe Biden’s “electability” at the National Urban League conference in Indianapolis on Thursday. Calling it “easy” to call President Trump racist, Booker’s prepared remarks argue it’s important to look at what Biden is doing to “address structural inequality and institutional racism throughout [his] life.”

“Don’t tell us you’re going to be a champion for our communities when you become president if you haven’t been a champion already,” they read.

It was at this same event that Booker described Biden as an “architect of mass incarceration” of black Americans for his co-authorship of the 1994 crime bill.

You know that Booker will come out swinging at the supposed Democrat front-runner. Booker currently polls around one percent, so what does he have to lose?

Moreover, he saw the boost Harris got for her attack. That attack established the road map.

How many will pile on, once they sense the blood in the water? Who knows. But as I suggested, Biden won’t take it lying down. This is his last chance at winning the nomination. A poor showing ends Biden’s career and puts the Democrat reshuffle in full gear.


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