CNN’s Ominous Warning to Ilhan Omar

Leftists, real Americans are watching you. And as DC swamp rats scramble for oxygen, soon Leftists swamp rats around the country will do the same.

In a roundabout way, CNN warned America-hating Ilhan Omar in their recent dismissal of a Muslim anti-Semite.

CNN photo editor Mohammed Elshamy resigned from the news organization after a series of anti-Semitic tweets were discovered. The tweets covered a period from 2011 and were uncovered by Arthur Schwartz.

Elshamy tweeted:

“More than 4 jewish pigs killed in #Jerusalem today by the Palestinian bomb explode,” he tweeted on March 23, 2011. That tweet began to circulate on social media sites on Thursday.

“Israel is the main enemy for the people of Egypt and shall always remain despite rulers who lick Jewish legs.” he wrote in another tweet.

Understand that Elshamy’s views won’t change. And that’s no matter how PC Leftist attempt to make the rest of America.

For Elshamy and Omar, Jewish people are pigs. Thus, each time a Jew is killed, Elshamy and Omar celebrate. While CNN made the smart move of ridding themselves of Elshamy, the Democrats rally around fellow anti-Semite Omar. But I predict they soon will disavow themselves of her.

I’m happy to know that people like Arthur Schwartz monitor these radicals and out them. There is no place in America for people like this.

CNN said Thursday night it had accepted the resignation of Elshamy, who the network hired in January.

“The network has accepted the resignation of a photo editor, who joined CNN earlier this year, after anti-Semitic statements he’d made in 2011 came to light,” reads a statement from CNN spokesman Matt Dornic.

“CNN is committed to maintaining a workplace in which every employee feels safe, secure and free from discrimination regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.”

Democrats could learn a lesson from CNN on this one.

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