Cory Booker: Polls Suggest You’re NOT Black

Cory Booker is a chump. He recently went on a late night talk show and bragged that Trump couldn’t take his punch.

What 40-something brags about beating up a Septuagenarian? 

For the record, I bet Trump would wear Booker’s boney ass out. But honestly, I’d love to see Trump PAY somebody beat the crap out of that metrosexual pansy.

Regardless, Booker has more problems than Trump. Nobody’s buying his schtick, especially blacks. It seems Booker can’t connect with black voters.

Cory Booker acknowledges that South Carolina, where more than half of Democratic primary ballots are likely to be cast by African American voters, is critical to his success. Julián Castro has likewise pointed to Nevada, which has the largest Latino population of the four early states, as similarly pivotal to his own chances.

But both candidates have so far failed to stand out in those states — particularly among voters of the same race and ethnicity.

New polling in South Carolina places Booker among the top five candidates, but his support among black voters is in the low single digits. In Nevada, six candidates are polling ahead of Castro with Hispanics.

Booker’s woes provide a glimpse into the future for Democrats.

Black candidates in the top five but not at the very top? There goes, “Always bet on black”.

After all the investment Leftists made in South Carolina, one would think the black contingent of Booker and Harris would be a shoe-in. Numbers one and two. But I predict neither resonates enough with blacks to be in the top two, much less to the degree Democrats hope. Wait, not hope…need!

And don’t dare compare them with what Obama achieved in South Carolina in  2008. That was the year the Leftist world anointed Obama as Baby Black Jesus. The 2020 numbers will embarrass the Left by comparison.

Most interesting about the Politico article is how Democrats play their games.

The black vote in South Carolina, the Hispanic vote in Nevada. Special Interest Roulette.

Blacks and Latinos remain the Democrats’ favorite fodder. Meanwhile they completely dismiss “flyover” country and the mostly blue-collar white demographic that gave Trump the victory over crooked Hillary Clinton.

So what’s the real problem?

For starters, there are more than one problem.

First, neither Booker or Harris are considered black. Oh they “look” black. But they aren’t black.

Leftist blacks really don’t want Obama-lite.

Second, because Booker and Harris are Obama-lite, and not really “black” per se, neither resonates with blacks. They can’t create that spark needed to get blacks to rise to the occasion.

Third, Obama failed them, and Trump is far better for blacks than Democrats predicted.

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