Harrowing Video of Suicide by Cop

Police perform one of the most difficult jobs in the world. And here is another example of a situation the cop-hating Left pretends doesn’t happen.

In this particular situation two officers from a Georgia police department respond to a call about a knife-wielding crazed lunatic. 

The man yells, ‘just kill me’, as he attempts “suicide by cop”.

The officers are Athens-Clarke County Senior Police Officer David Harrison and Officer Charles Bidinger. The assailant is Aaron Hong, 23.

According to reports, the officers received a 911 call about a man clutching a butcher’s knife and causing a disturbance at the River Club Apartments in Athens.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officer reportedly sees a bloodied Hong, who appeared to be using the knife in an aggressive way, harming himself.

Bodycam footage clearly shows the confrontation, and officers yelling “Drop the knife!”.

Believe it or not, the officers are under investigation for this. If any investigation is needed, it’s why the officer shooting this man 5 times didn’t stop him. Because I would investigate those bullets.

Next, why didn’t his partner shoot the man faster after he got up from the initial shooting. Eventually, Hong grabbed his partner, putting that officer’s life at risk.

BLM nowhere to be found.

I’m guessing Hong is Asian? Not that it matters. From my vantage point, Hong represented a crazy man who wanted to be shot. Sadly, two officers contributed to his death and they will be haunted by that scenario for the rest of their lives.

But if Hong were black, you can bet that plantation Negroes would be up in arms over officers protecting their lives.

And what of the bleeding heart Leftists and their calls for gun control?

Hong was shot 5 times by a trained police officer. Still, he got up and ran towards that officer and managed to get him in a choke hold. All Hong had was a knife. And if you think this is a rare occurrence, think again.

Related Incident

Recently, we covered a bizarre incident in California.

This is the sad reality leftism created. Liberals teach our children to defy authority, especially the police. In fact, those gunned down become urban legends, celebrated as heroes. When the truth of the matter 99% of the time is when police shoot, it’s an act of last resort.

According to the Daily Mail:

Oxnard Police Chief Scott Whitney described the May 3 confrontation in an edited video package posted online by his department.

An officer responding to reports of a girl causing a disturbance found her behind a Carl Jr’s fast food restaurant on North Rose Avenue with a 12-inch kitchen knife in her pocket, Whitney says.

The officer in the video repeatedly orders the young woman to discard the knife, but each time she refuses.

Officer Timothy Roberts’ camera records him warning the girl not to reach for the weapon.

Why, what happens if I reach for it?’ asks the girl, who’s wearing a red shirt, blue shorts and sneakers.

‘Then something bad is going to happen,’ Roberts says.

The camera shows him backing away from the teen in a parking lot while ordering her to drop the knife. The girl ignores his commands and keeps walking toward him. ‘Come on, shoot me,’ she tells the officer standing at a distance with his gun drawn. ‘I’ve been waiting all day.’

‘Drop it,’ the officer orders.

‘No,’ the teen replies.

When she suddenly begins running at Roberts with the knife in her right hand, he shoots her multiple times and she collapses.

Now here’s the part that really tugs at me as both a mother and a citizen. While the teenager is laying there bleeding, the police attempt to administer first aid to her. She sobs her apologies over and over. Then, the officer is actually heard telling her “that’s ok.”

He didn’t curse her stupidity. Or let her lie there bleeding to death. Officer Roberts protected and served both the community and the criminal at the same time. Think for just a moment how difficult that must be, to face a death threat, ward it off, then save the very person who just threatened your life. It’s the kind of stuff they make Lifetime Movies out of.

Open Shut

The Officer was immediately placed on mandatory administrative leave while the investigation is completed. But it should be an open shut case.

Clearly this young girl is deeply disturbed. It seems her intention was either to commit suicide via the police, or to become a tragic victim. It’s nearly impossible to fathom what she was thinking. But I do know one thing for sure. Now, this poor officer will be put through the ringer before he returns to duty. Some vile leftist will shift the blame from the deranged teenager to the officer sworn to protect the community.

And who can we think for that reaction? Obama, and his war on cops.







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