Justice on Trial: Where is Christine Blasey-Ford Now?

What happened to Christine Blasey-Ford? Nobody cares, now that Democrats lost the PR battle.

As it turns out, Blasey-Ford is indeed a lying skank, as Kevin Jackson tweeted.

If Fox News had any guts, they would apologize to Jackson and beg him to return to Fox Snooze. But when have you known Leftists to admit their mistakes?

And Blasey-Ford was a mistake. A big mistake for Democrats. As Rush Limbaugh noted, her name should be Blasey-Fraud.

The only good part of this story is that democrats failed to ruin Kavanaugh. But they should be held accountable for their willingness to completely destroy a man and his career just to punch Trump in the gut.

Instead, they drop the story like a hot potato and pray everyone just forgets it ever happened.

But thanks to a new book, Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, Ford’s ridiculous behavior is now on display.

As Rush Limbaugh tells us:

According to the book, Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, set for release Tuesday — it’s out — the book details how Blasey Ford “was portrayed as politically moderate,” minding her own business out there on the Left Coast teaching women how to be victims with the best of them. Teaching them how to be angry, how to be victims, minding her own business and one day she sees this guy who nearly abused her on TV and she lost it.

And she wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, she could barely finish the letter, it was so traumatic, this guy is horrible. Except there were no witnesses, she couldn’t describe exactly where it had happened, she couldn’t describe how she got home after it happened, there were no witnesses that saw it.

In fact, some people who were there say it didn’t happen, but it didn’t stop anybody. It “details how Ford was portrayed as politically moderate. But her acquaintances reported Ford’s profile on social media ‘had been notable for its extreme antipathy to President Trump.’”

She’s another Trump hater.

Christine Blasey Ford hated Trump. But they scrubbed all of that from her social media before she sent the letter so that any media, “Who is this babe?” would find out that she’s just an average American woman traumatized because she was forced to interact with a man who is now being nominated to the Supreme Court.

They constructed a totally bogus history and set of circumstances. They constructed a totally bogus identity of a woman as somebody who was apolitical who really only cared about was coming forward as a duty to her country to keep a sexual abuser off of the Supreme Court. And she was risking everything: humiliation, her privacy.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Ford was in it for the fame from the very beginning.

She was banking on book deals and TV appearances to pad her bank account. Meanwhile, she could bask in the spotlight as she was toasted for being the hero that saved us from Kavanaugh. She wasn’t afraid of the anxiety and she didn’t fear for her safety. But she sure tried to play the “poor me” card.

Rush continues:

“Additionally, her political views ‘ran decidedly to the left and were at variance with most of her family’s,’ and Ford’s friends on Facebook said she ‘regularly expressed hostility’ toward the Trump administration, they said.

“Ford’s profile, however, was ‘completely scrubbed’ about the time Kavanaugh was tapped for the Supreme Court in early July 2018. Ford informed Feinstein, the California Democrat, of her alleged encounter with Kavanaugh during a small gathering at a suburban Maryland home more than 30 years ago in a letter dated July 30, 2018.”

As I say, they waited to spring this at the last minute. It was a last-ditch effort to keep Kavanaugh off the court. It was only gonna be used if they thought he was gonna sail through and it got to the point where he was gonna sail through, so they let this thing fly.

“In addition to wiping her social media profile, Hemingway reported that while Ford previously went by her maiden name, the media referred to her by her married name and her formal title, ‘Dr.’ ‘Some suggested that she was following sophisticated public relations advice to emphasize her relationship with her husband.”

In other words, they faked who she is! They amplified and created an image of great educational merit, sophistication, and refinement. She was a doctor. And of course doctors, scientists, and so forth don’t lie. And it’s incumbent that we believe the woman.

Keep it Quiet

Perhaps one of the biggest lies is the line in which Ford asked Feinstein to keep her allegations quiet. In no way did Ford intend to keep this under wraps. It was just a pretense to add an air of sincerity to her letter. It’s like a small town rumor mill, where everybody swears not to tell, yet everybody knows all to well. And to accompany this “hush policy,” a new persona of Dr. Ford was created.

After Ford came forward, the team working on Kavanaugh’s confirmation maintained a policy of not attacking her, Severino and Hemingway wrote, ‘even though damaging information about Ford was being openly discussed by people who knew her, some who knew her quite well.’

“’Classmates were surprised by the media’s portrayal of her as an ingenue, which was very different from how they remembered her in junior high and high school,’ according to the book. ‘Female classmates and friends at area schools recalled a heavy drinker who was much more aggressive with boys than they were.’”

And yet they portrayed Dr. Ford as basically a waif. A highly educated, almost asexual brilliant female working in her specialty, teaching other young women the ways of the world. She was mouse-like, invisible, very seldom made waves, so invisible that hardly anybody remembered much about her.

That’s the story they tried to create, but [according to] her friends, “This babe was all over the place.” You tap a keg and she got first dibs on the thing. And she was running around chasing the guys like you wouldn’t believe.”

But all of that was erased. All of that was eliminated and a phony picture was created, made to look like all of it was spontaneous.

Unfortunately, Ford was heavily rewarded for her lies.

At last glance, her GoFundMe had about $650,000 dollars in it. That’s quite the profit for making up a few rumors and repeating them incessantly.

I sure hope the book detailing Ford’s deceptions does twice as well.



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