Kaepernick’s Message to Obama

Colin Kaepernick let his ego get too big for his britches. After successfully sabotaging Nike with his objection to the Betsy Ross shoes, Kaepernick decided he is one of the great political scholars of our time.

While the nation celebrated Independence Day in style with Trump’s salute to the military, liberals were outraged at the outpour of patriotism.

#TeamKJ, #KevinJackson, #TheBlackSphereIn fact, I received this screenshot from a Facebook friend. To which I replied, “without the military, there is no independence, duh!”

Meanwhile, social media continued to heat up with drama from the left. Truth be told, liberals were scared of Trump’s parade because a surge in patriotism is a death sentence for the leftists who’ve steered so far from traditional American values.

When Americans are reminded of the sacrifices made to create this great country, the liberal rhetoric no longer makes sense.

Enter Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick wasn’t much of a quarterback in the NFL, but he wants to be an armchair quarterback in the political arena. Especially now that he’s stirred a sneaker controversy. Thus Kaepernick tweeted a little quote from Frederick Douglas.

That’s where things get embarrassing. It didn’t take long for Ted Cruz to see the tweet.

Kaepernick Gets Schooled

Cruz doesn’t mind dishing out the history lessons when need be. Unlike Kaepernick, Douglas suffered the abominations of slavery. Yet, he ended his speech from a place of hope and faith in the American dream.

Douglas even referred to the constitution, calling it a “glorious liberty document.” He didn’t hate America or work towards sabotaging a generation’s love of country.

Clearly, Colin didn’t read the speech in it’s entirety. He probably found that quote on Pinterest and ran with it.

However, Kaepernick overlooked one important tidbit of information.

Obama Flew Betsy’s Flag!

It’s true! During Obama’s second inauguration, the stars and stripes prominently waved in the background.

According to Fox News:

While Democrats and media pundits pounce to decry the Betsy Ross flag as racially problematic — with one even likening the symbol to Nazi swastikas — the very same flag flew prominently during then-President Barack Obama’s second inauguration ceremony in 2013.

The reminder that the flag was displayed during Obama’s inauguration came amid the controversy from Nike halting the release of shoes bearing the flag, which flew during the Revolutionary War.

Why did Obama use the Betsy Ross flag for his second inauguration, and not his first? Was he hiding his racism until he locked in four more years? Perhaps Obama missed the connection between Betsy Ross and slavery.

Obama, the savior of leftism, bowed down to Kaepernick’s initial protests of the national anthem. But if he flew a Betsy Ross flag, there’s only one conclusion for Kaepernick to draw.

Obama’s just not black.




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