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More Piling on Mueller After Testimony

The Mueller Hearing represented a really bad day for Democrats. And our team predicted it.

What did Democrats possibly believe Mueller would add to an already tainted witch hunt? Chuck Todd mention how bad the optics looked, and he was not alone.

Congressman Jerry Nadler felt the wrath of the New York Post Editorial Board. They called the hearing “a waste of everyone’s time.”

“By all accounts, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler hoped that dragging in former special counsel Bob Mueller for a hearing would jump-start his drive to get going on impeachment. Oops: It was a total waste of time,” writes the Editorial Board. “Mueller made it clear long in advance that he didn’t want to testify, and wouldn’t talk about anything except what was in his report. Further, he even got the Justice Department to issue a guidance instructing him to keep to his preferred limits.”

“What did we learn? Nothing. What’s the impact? Nothing. So, if Nadler was hoping to get Democrats and their voters energized about impeachment, he’ll surely be disappointed. And we’re no closer to knowing how much this long investigation relied on opposition research by Hillary Clinton and dirty tricks by intelligence operatives appalled by Donald Trump,” adds the Post.

Driving Blind

The biggest outtake from the hearing is that Mueller knew very little about his team’s activities. He was basically driving blind as he allowed a team of pro-Hillary Clinton anti-Trump hacks run rampant over the justice system.

“They’re not closer to anything other than wishing this had never happened. Bad facts make for bad witnesses, bad witnesses make for bad hearings, and this one was an abject, miserable failure. The person who learned the most about the Mueller Report today was Robert Mueller,” Gowdy told Fox News.

“He was not engaged, he didn’t interview the witnesses, he clearly didn’t write the report, which means those under him did, which means the issue of bias is all the more important. It was a terrible day if you are a Democrat,” he added.

Here’s what USA Today had to say:

Of 235 House Democrats, more than 90 have endorsed launching an impeachment inquiry of President Trump – importantly, not including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Before the hearings, those who support impeachment saw Mueller’s testimony as the most likely way to ignite outrage and, perhaps, meet Pelosi’s demand that there be broad public sentiment and the possibility of winning a conviction in the Republican-controlled Senate before moving ahead.

While Mueller outlined an assault on democracy by Russians and a response by President Trump and his campaign that was “problematic” and worse, his testimony left Democrats frustrated. As he had warned beforehand, he declined to expand on the contents of his 448-page report, two years in the making.

Mueller’s hearing wouldn’t be complete without some tweets from the President.

“I would like to thank the Democrats for holding this morning’s hearing. Now, after 3 hours, Robert Mueller has to subject himself to #ShiftySchiff – Embarrassment to our Country!” tweeted Trump.

Schiff’s response seems to downplay his previous attitudes toward the collusion investigation.

“Should we put the country through an impeachment?” Schiff said. “I haven’t been convinced yet that we should, and going through that kind of momentous and disruptive experience for the country, I think, is not something we go into lightly.”

In other words, “all we got was a big fat nothing burger . And that’s just not enough to get rid of Trump.”

So what’s the next move for the left? Maybe they’ll hold a press conference and announce Mueller has dementia, thus they need to start the investigation over.



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