People Flocking Back to Horowitz to ‘Correct’ Testimony

It’s a new day in DC with President Trump in charge.

As Trump surmised, DC is more than a swamp. It’s also the burial ground of pricks and other anti-American naer-do-wells. And the president decimated them over his tenure, so much so that many surviving swamp rats now see the light.

According to former District Attorney Joe DiGenova, many DC scoundrels now flock back to the IG to ‘correct their testimony’.

Partial transcript:

DiGenova: “Here’s what’s happening. As a result of the appointment of Durham, people are flocking back to Horowitz to quote ‘correct their testimony’. to let him know they remembered new things. That they found out stuff that they didn’t know about. People are worried and they should be. This includes FBI officials and others, and as a result of that I’m delighted he’s delaying.”

You know you’re on the right track, when Democrats pimp their strategy.

Back in June of this year, Adam Schiff mentioned needing whistleblowers to step forward:

At a Q&A Tuesday morning at the Council on Foreign Relations, House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff said that Attorney General Bill Barr’s wide definition of presidential authority essential means he believes the president is “above the law.”

“We might not know, unless a whistleblower steps forward, whether Bill Barr is abusing his authority even beyond fundamental abuse by trying to exonerate the President on obstruction of justice,” Schiff said. “And so we find ourselves, I think for the first time, with an attorney general who really is the President’s defense lawyer and spokesperson.”

What Schiff really means is that whistleblowers are coming forward against the Democrats, as DiGenova discussed.

But what I really appreciate is Schiff’s comment about Barr protecting President Trump. Particularly considering what Eric Holder said and did for Obama.

Back in 2013 in an interview with Tom Joyner, then Attorney General Eric Holder brushed off a question about when he might leave the administration. Instead, the top lawman professed his allegiance to President Barack Obama.

“I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done. I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.  So we’ll see.”

And we saw, as the Washington Times reported of Holder:

President Barack Obama’s attorney general who once described himself as his president’s “wing man” showed up on television over the weekend to brag that unlike Attorney General Jeff Sessions he had the pleasure of serving a president “I did not have to protect.” The man is either suffering from early onset dementia or lying to rewrite history.

Ironically, Trump fired Sessions, his supposed “protector”. Moreover, as we will soon see, Trump’s only need for protection was from the Democrats who attempted the coup.

And you can bet that Holder would have been part of the epicenter of that coup had he remained with Obama. The article continues:

As those outside the confines of the Democratic Party might remember, Eric Holder has the distinction of being the only attorney general in history ever held in contempt of Congress. The charges stemmed from his stonewalling and lying to Congress as he scrambled to keep investigators away from any evidence that might link a major Obama administration scandal directly to the White House.

In other words, Holder isn’t out of the woods just yet.

But before I expound on this, recall that Obama invoked executive privilege to protect Holder:

Back to Horowitz: Investigate the investigators.

The Washington Examiner reported on the updated release date for the Inspector General’s report,

Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures that he “expects that report later this fall.”

His colleague John Ratcliffe, who has spoken to Horowitz, gave a more specific target. The Texas congressman told Fox News’ Bret Baier on Wednesday, “I think that we will get the IG’s report probably sometime right after Labor Day.” Labor Day is Sept. 2.

Why the delay? Because more people now rethink their previous testimony. Moreover, with Durham in charge, the people being investigated no longer center around Trump.

The article continues,

The delay in Horowitz’s work was reportedly due to his team’s two-day meeting with Steele in person in London in early June, during President Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom. Investigators found Steele’s information credible enough to warrant extending their investigation.

I can only imagine the scrambling of the swamp rats when the news came of Durham replacing Obama appointee John Huber. Because that replacement represented the signal to DC that things had changed.

U.S. Attorney John Durham can and will likely convene a grand jury. Further, he has the authority to subpoena people outside of the government.

The clock ticks. Christmas will come early for Conservatives when the veil is pulled back on this political scam of biblical proportions.

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