Robert Mueller BRINGING Scapegoat to Testify with Him

Heard the name Aaron Zebley in relation to the Russian witch hunt? Well, you’re about to. And if I were Zebley, I’d have an attorney present with me.

According to The Daily Caller, Mueller is bringing Aaron Zebley to help him remember certain aspects of the Russian collusion con job:

Former special counsel Robert Mueller asked Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to swear in his longtime deputy as a witness at a congressional hearing Wednesday, according to multiple reports.

Mueller asked that Aaron Zebley, who served as deputy on the special counsel’s probe, be sworn in as a witness in order to address any questions that he is not able to answer, according to a source familiar with the matter, The New York Times and CNN reported.

Mueller is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee for three hours and before the House Intelligence Committee for two hours Wednesday. He will be pressed for details of his 22-month investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and whether President Donald Trump attempted to obstruct the probe.

Zebley served as chief of staff to Robert Mueller when Mueller was Director of the FBI. Then in 2014 he followed Mueller to the law firm WilmerHale, where he served as partner for three years.

As you might imagine, Zebley has a “Clinton connection” in that he represented Justin Cooper, a former aide to Hillary Clinton.

And who is Justin Cooper?

Clinton asked Cooper and Doug Band (more on him in a minute) to move to New York to help with his transition from president.

In that role Cooper traveled extensively with Clinton on hundreds of trips domestically and internationally. But Cooper also worked with Hillary Clinton during her role as Secretary of State. This position included interfacing post-Obama Era with Hillary Clinton’s most senior advisers, namely Cheryl D. Mills and Huma Abedin.

Cooper briefed and advised former President Clinton on a range of issues including finances, business matters, public relations, politics, the Clinton Family Foundation and the Clinton Foundation’s initiatives as well as the Clinton Global Initiative.

Cooper eventually needed the services of Zebley, due to the investigations of the Clinton’s racketeering organizations hiding under the guise of “charity”.

Back to Doug Band

Band served as counselor and chief adviser to former President Clinton until 2012. Many consider Band “the key architect of Clinton’s post-presidency.”

In that role Band established the Clinton Global Initiative and advised Clinton personally, as well as the William J. Clinton Foundation in its formative years. Former President Clinton himself credited Band with CGI: “Doug had the idea to do this.” Clinton added that he was “very grateful for the role that [Band] played when we started out.”

According to figures released by the Clinton Foundation, CGI raised $69 billion for 2,100 philanthropic projects around the world. We know the work of CGI to be complete BS, as John Durham will likely confirm in his investigation of the organization.

Recall the Podesta emails from 2009 and 2011 published by Wikileaks where Band wrote a memo about conflicts of interest. In that memo, Band alleges that Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and her husband Marc Mezvinskyof had conflicts of interest. Band accused Mezvinskyof raising money for his hedge fund from Clinton foundation donors and friends.

As political payback, in 2011 Chelsea Clinton accused Band of having conflicts of interest between his work at the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Consulting. According to Politico, the dispute eventually created a serious rift between Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton.

In 2012, Band resigned from working for the Clintons.

Anybody think John Durham might do a bit more digging in to Band’s role, as he investigates The Clinton Foundation?

How does this involve Aaron Zebley?

Let’s just say that DC during the Clinton-Obama Eras holds lots of secrets. And the election of Trump created a serious problem for those who needed Clinton to win in 2016.

I predict that Mueller’s and Zebley’s testimony before Congress will peel back scabs on wounds the Democrats hoped America would never see. Because there is an uneasy connection to all the players where all roads lead back to the Clintons and Obama.

If I were Zebley, I’d be careful of my role in this cover-up. Because I suspect the Trump team knows much more than they reveal publicly.

As for Mueller, smart move to bring a lackey to take the fall.

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