Beto Hopes Mass Shooting Can Revive Candidacy

At least twenty people died and another 26 were injured in the tragic mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart. The bodies weren’t even cold when Beto decided this could be his ticket to getting on the ballot.

For months, conservatives and liberals agree, Beto’s been on his way out. His fundraising is stagnant.  Yet, Beto burns through democrat dollars faster than Joe Biden at the strip club.

In fact, O’Rourke is only polling around 5% nationally. And while he brought in 3.6M last quarter, he spent $5.3M. Funny how politicians find ways to spend more than they have. But money isn’t Beto’s only problem.

Remember when Trump showed up in El Paso during midterms and Beto was toast? Well, that added a whole new layer to Beto’s losses. And as I recently pointed out:

After his failed bid for Senator, unsettling news alerted us to Beto’s dark side.

In addition to his crazy days as a hacker in the Cult of the Dead Cow, O’Rourke wrote several disturbing stories and detailed his dreams of running over children with a car. Even liberal voters have a hard time looking past all that craziness. Especially when O’Rourke funneled more than $100k into his wife’s company. If Beto were a smart man, he’d cut his losses now.

Obviously, Beto can’t run with the big dogs. Biden, Warren, Harris, Booker- none of them even mention Beto’s name because they know what Beto doesn’t seem to grasp-  he’s a nobody. In fact, Beto’s finished.

With the deck stacked against them, I expect many democrats will make desperate moves over the new few months. I just hope no one else sinks quite this low. But Beto has no problem exploiting the El Paso tragedy if it keeps his name  in the news.

The Blame Game

The same liberals who sat silent after mass shootings under Clinton and Obama now want to blame President Trump for the crazed delusions of a mass shooter. You know what they say, another day, another leftist hypocrisy. This time, Beto went for the juggler with his claims that Trump is responsible.

As Fox News elaborates:

“He is a racist, and he stokes racism in this country . . . We have a president with white nationalist views in the United States today,” the failing Democratic presidential candidate told CNN all Saturday night and Sunday.

He likened Trump’s “anti-immigrant rhetoric” to something out of the Third Reich. “He is an open, avowed racist and is encouraging more racism in this country and this is incredibly dangerous . . .

“Let’s connect the dots here on . . . who is responsible for this right now.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper cut to the chase: “Do you think President Trump is a white nationalist?”

“Yes, I do,” said Beto.

What disgusting opportunism from a man whose first recorded reaction to the news of Saturday’s massacre in his hometown was a weird smile, quickly suppressed, a man so lacking in empathy, he once wrote of his teenage fantasy of plowing his car into two children crossing the road.

But when it comes to publicity for his ridiculous presidential bid, he’s never had it so good. CNN can’t get enough of him.

It doesn’t get uglier than scoring political points on the deaths of 20 people.

Using a mass shooting to get attention is a low blow, even for O’Rourke.

As former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer Dan Bongino put it, politicians using mass shootings to garner political support and blame President Trump is “sick and disturbing.”

“It’s one of the most disturbing, grotesque trends in politics lately,” Bongino told “Fox & Friends.”

 But we can all play the blame game.

Flip the Coin

The left is guilty of dividing our country with identity politics. In fact, they’ve done so for decades. Further, liberals defend the fascist ideology of Islam.

Fox continues:

Now they try to offload responsibility for the emergence of its mirror image: white identity politics and the fascist ideology of white supremacy.

In the first sentence of his so-called manifesto, a puerile mishmash of grievance, El Paso killer Patrick Crusius, 21, wrote of his “support for the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto.” This refers to the terrorist attack on two New Zealand mosques in March by Australian white supremacist Brenton Tarrant, now glorified as “St. Tarrant” in online forums such as 8chan, where Crusius’ manifesto was posted.

Like Tarrant, Crusius has read the 2011 book “The Great Replacement” by French author Renaud Camus, which claims “elites” are complicit in replacing white Europeans with non-Europeans across the West. This is the driving philosophy of white supremacists.

The problem is that these bad ideas, buttressed by cherry-picked factoids, have been driven out of the public marketplace to dark places underground, where there is no moderating influence.

In other words, Trump didn’t create this psycho any more than Obama did. But if Beto can stay in the race just a minute more, he’ll pretend Trump grew this guy in his basement, then set him loose in a border town.

Too bad for Beto, anyone can see right through his scheme. What will he try when next week’s polls don’t rank him any higher?





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