Black Inmate Freed By Trump’s ‘First Step’ Act [video]

Just as Donald Trump, the private citizen, did more for blacks than Barack Obama, so does President Trump.

Barack Obama’s election was to bring a Renaissance to black culture in America. And what promise his election created.

For America to elect its first recognizable black president showcased our country’s greatness. A country built on slavery, then divided by slavery overcomes our racist past.

A country that battled brother against brother to finally correct a terrible wrong. Yet, in the aftermath of the Civil War, blacks still fought for freedom and equality against the Democrats who still plotted to keep blacks in chains.

Fast-forward to 2008, when America elected a half-black man whom far too many believed held promise. The most Americans in history voted for an unqualified black man in hopes he could at least deliver on unifying the nation, at least as it pertained to race.

Obama failed…miserably.

Not only did Obama not deliver for America, he particularly didn’t deliver for black Americans. And despite the amnesia and nonchalance the media and some blacks portray, they know Obama failed…miserably.

Then came Trump.

As one black woman put it, “Trump didn’t need the black vote to win”. So why does he spend time helping blacks?

It’s not because the Left calls him a racist. Trump couldn’t care less about what the Left calls him. He’s a doer, an achiever. Achievers block out the “white noise” of hatred and just perform. They know their deeds provide the right response to critics.

What more and more blacks realize is Trump does care about so-called “black issues”. And in passing the First Step and Second Chance Acts, he disproportionately helped blacks in America.

One such example is this young black man who walks free for the first time in years. A product of President Trump’s First Step Act, he reunites with his mother; a surprise she likely didn’t expect for years.

President Trump builds black families. And this video is living proof of how a real leader helps the families of those who believed their lives were over.

While Obama did little to help incarcerated blacks re-enter society, President Trump enacted the First Step and Second Chance Acts. Because of this, black men get the opportunity to reunite with their families and try to make new lives for themselves.

What better legacy for blacks can Trump leave than to help rebuild the black family. The Democrats’ legacy is destruction of the black family. With over 70 percent of black children growing up with only one parent, one would think Democrats would rethink their policies.

Instead, Democrats relegate blacks to second-class citizenship as they run to the border to help illegals.


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