Chinese Recipient: More Mysteries around Clinton Emails

The more we learn about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the worse it gets for her and those who helped her.

In our most recent revelation we learn that the Chinese had almost full access to Hillary Clinton emails.

As the Epoch Times reported,

All but four of the 30,490 emails from Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server were forwarded to a private Google email address featuring a name similar to a Chinese company, according to documents released by a Senate committee on Aug. 15.

Virtually every email that was sent to and from the Clinton-email server was forwarded to “[email protected],” which raised concerns that a foreign actor gained access to Clinton’s emails after an intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) investigator searched Google for “Carter Heavy Industries” and came up with a result for Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, according to the documents (pdf).

Shandong Carter Heavy Industry is a Chinese manufacturer of excavators and heavy machinery. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

I’d suggest if we want to know where a few Clinton bodies are buried, we look at the work orders for Shandong. Perhaps that heavy earth-moving equipment will uncover a few bodies?

Who set this up?

The FBI says that the suspicious Gmail address was set up by an IT aide, Paul Combetta. The Clintons tasked Combetta to mange their server which they hid in the bathroom basement closet.

Combetta is the same IT aide who used BleachBit to permanently destroy content on Clinton’s hard-drives, thus eliminating emails which were subpoenaed by the House.

In the midst of this investigation crooked and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey gave Combetta immunity. This despite Combetta refusal to cooperate with the Department of Justice Inspector General and with the authors of the Senate report about his use of the cryptic email address. He previously pleaded the 5th before Congress in September 2016 about his deletion of emails.

Yet Comey’s FBI saw nothing suspicious about this?

FBI was notified

Frank Rucker, the ICIG investigator, and Jeanette McMillian, an ICIG attorney, told the FBI about the anomaly on Feb. 18, 2016, at a meeting which included Peter Strzok, who had just taken over as the section chief heading the investigation. Rucker told Congress that Strzok was “aloof and dismissive” and didn’t ask many questions.

Strzok has since gained notoriety for text messages he exchanged with FBI attorney Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair. The pair expressed bias against then-candidate Donald Trump and in favor of Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

McMillian told Congress that her understanding of the Carter Heavy Industries email address was that it was a “drop box” to which the emails from the Clinton server were sent in real time.

“Even if you didn’t address an email to this address, the email went to it anyway,” McMillian said.

How many questions come from these revelations.

For example, did the Chinese hack Clinton’s computers? If emails were being sent real-time to a mirrored account, then it’s likely Clinton was hacked. Which brings me to the next question.

What would the Chinese have seen if indeed the emails were compromised? Who knows. But let’s hope that renewed investigations into this Comey-controlled FBI cover-up elicits the real truth.


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