Democrats Seriously Concerned About Biden

Biden shows his age with every media appearance, especially in the evenings.

Don’t be surprised if Democrats soon only allow Biden to appear before noon, then they tuck the old man away for the evening after his 1pm dinner.

According to sources in The Hill, “Biden has a tendency to make the blunders late in the day”.

While Trump grows younger with age, invigorated by his job and campaigning, Biden grows more feeble and weary.

A recent blunder had Biden claiming he was VP during the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland, FL. And we chronicled Biden’s racist statement about “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids”. Talk about your Freudian racist slip.

And what of Biden speaking of using biofuel to power steamships?

  • Said he was Vice President during the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland, FL.
  • Proclaimed “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”
  • Said that he chooses “truth over facts” while speaking to an audience in the key state of Iowa.
  • Referred to Theresa May as Margaret Thatcher
  • Spoke of using biofuels to power “steamships.”

But dementia is only the beginning of Biden’s problems. What about his record?!

Biden proudly touted his record of working with racist segregationist Democrats during his Senate career. He chastised Cory Booker for calling him out on this, then later apologized for his spooning with the Klan.

Biden’s racist past, as well as his creepy sexual abuse won’t be overlooked by the Republicans.

Democrats worry about Biden’s ability to withstand the rigors of a campaign. And they should be worried.

One Biden supporter told The Hill,

“He needs to be a strong force on the campaign trail, but he also has to pace himself”.

Biden is pacing himself. He runs at a turtle’s pace. But this “slow and steady” won’t win the race.

Biden can’t keep up with Trump. Trump’s pace almost killed Hillary Clinton, exposing her physical weaknesses. Biden can expect much the same.

One supporter commented,

“I think you’ll see the same schedule and maybe even more Joe Biden. Everyone wants to see Joe Biden be Joe Biden. If he’s held back in any way, that’s almost the antithesis of who he is.”

The soon-to-be 77-year-old Biden’s ego will get in his way. And Democrats can and do expect many more Bidenisms, and this doesn’t bode well for the old fart.

A major Democratic donor reportedly said,

“A lot of people are nervous that he’s lost some of his mojo. They’re getting nervous about him going toe to toe with Trump. But the problem is, there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.”

Funny that the Democrats realize their predicament. They have a flawed front-runner and nobody on deck.

Still, change drifts in the air. Democrats have already begun shifting their allegiance, mostly towards lying fake Indian, Senator Elizabeth Warren. I dare any Democrat to check Vegas odds on a Warren-[insert stooge here] ticket.

One poll shows Warren and Biden in a statistical tie. That’s horrible news for the Democrats. The party of diversity has two blacks, an Asian, and a gay guy, but who do they choose? A rich old white woman?!

I’m on record saying that the Democrat who can beat President Trump hasn’t been born. So what Americans need to do in the next election is destroy the Democrats. They need to be beaten into oblivion so the adults can rule for at least the next two decades.

Democrats’ reckoning is long overdue, and Trump is the man to bring it. He will win re-election. Further, the House flips and he will be allowed to govern unencumbered.

This future belongs to America, regardless of the Democrat challenger. And it appears that my prediction is looking pretty good that Biden won’t be the ultimate loser in the 2020 election.

If Biden were smart (and he’s not), he would gracefully bow out. Save his so-called legacy. Because things won’t get any better for him.

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