Democrats will NEVER Impeach Trump

I wrote recently that Nadler doesn’t have the balls to impeach Trump. And I didn’t need to be one of his pages to know this.

In a recent interview on CNN, Nadler said that impeachment proceedings had begun.

Here’s how CNN reported the exchange:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) talks with CNN’s Erin Burnett about whether to recommend articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump by the end of the year.

Nadler left himself an out by saying that they may or may not recommend impeachment of the president. So let’s look at the impeachment strategy.

The Atlantic reported the breaking news story as follows:

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee dropped a bombshell: The committee’s Democrats are beginning an impeachment inquiry against the president of the United States. You could be forgiven if you didn’t notice.

And many people didn’t notice. That’s only the beginning of the problems for Democrats with this lame strategy.

The article continues,

Members of the committee majority, led by Chairman Jerry Nadler, crowded together in front of a lectern to unveil their next steps following the testimony Wednesday of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. What began as an announcement of high-profile lawsuits building on that testimony quickly devolved into a confused back-and-forth with reporters as Nadler and his colleagues repeatedly insisted they were not beginning impeachment proceedings before admitting that, yes, they were basically doing just that.

Next steps? That’s Leftist-speak for retread of the failed attempt at the coup. But check out what Mary Gay Scanlon, the committee’s vice-chair argued.

“Impeachment isn’t a binary thing. What we’ve been saying, what we’ve been doing, is starting a process. We’re engaging in an investigation to see if we should recommend articles of impeachment … We started it some months ago, in some ways.”

Democrats let the cat out of the bag early when Congressman Al Green admitted that the only way to keep President Trump from re-election is to impeach him.

Unfortunately for Green, even mock impeachment won’t work. Nevertheless, desperate, Green introduced impeachment legislation to the House.

As the video shows, it failed miserably.

So Democrats have tried to impeach the president, but voted against the Congressional Black Circus clown. The same will be true no matter how many times such nonsense is attempted.

Nadler knows this. But in order to save face from the body-slam Mueller inadvertently gave Democrats, Nadler continues the ruse.

“The committee is exercising its authority to investigate all of these scandals and to decide what to do about them, which could include articles of impeachment.”

Talk about splitting hairs.

Nadler added, “If an impeachment inquiry is if you’re considering only impeachment, that’s not what we’re doing.”

Finally, he admitted the part that most resonates. Nadler admitted that the House could impeach or they could not. They will not.

In a few short weeks, the talk of impeachment will end. The strategy of using impeachment to prevent Trump’s re-election worked as well as the calls of racism.

Democrats find themselves in the worst political time in their party’s history. Trump decimated their ground troops, and destroyed their air cover. Now Trump’s mop-up operation begins.

I expect Democrats will end their wet dream as leaks of John Durham’s investigation begin to occur. Next comes the IG report. That won’t look good for the Democrats.


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