DNC Chairman ADMITS Democrats Can’t Beat Trump

If the Democrats couldn’t beat Trump with the full force of the corrupt Obama administration, they certainly can’t beat him now.

Apparently, the reality has set in, as evidenced by the comments made in a DNC fundraising message.

As The Washington Examiner reported,

Apparently stunned by the Republican National Committee’s surprise July fundraising haul of $21 million, the chief of the Democratic National Committee is on a panic drive to catch up and said in an email to supporters that the eventual nominee could be in trouble without more money.

“I won’t lie to you,” wrote Tom Perez, referring to the GOP’s announcement that it has $46 million in the bank and no debt.

“These numbers are daunting. We don’t have to match Trump and the RNC dollar for dollar in order to beat them, but it’s clear that we urgently need to turn up the heat on our fundraising to keep our eventual nominee and Democrats nationwide from being overwhelmed by the GOP’s money machine in the general election,” said Perez.

He added: “Our eventual nominee won’t stand a chance against Trump and the GOP’s fundraising machine unless we start making strategic, early investments right now.”

I really love the part where Tom Perez writes, “I won’t lie to you”. The party of lies and deceit finally fesses up.

Perez should have written, “While the Democratic Party lies to you often, not this time. We really are getting our asses handed to us by Trump!”.

Next, Perez begged for “early investments”.

Investments? In what?

The anti-Trump message? What exactly do the Democrats stand for except interfering with the best president in modern history?!

Democrats favor NATO partners over President Trump asking them to pay their bills. And Democrats favor China in trade policy, a country feasting on an annual $350 billion trade deficit.

How well do Democrats think it will play that they want the American economy to fail, just to get rid of Trump.

Their hopes of validation will fail as there will be no recession. Trump set the course for economic prosperity, and that ocean liner sails in relatively calm waters.

The public knows it, and real polls report much of what we know: Trump leads all Democrats in a head to head matchup.

Nevertheless, if you want an indicator of the real polls, look at Democrats’ fundraising record. Republicans almost outpacing the hapless Party of the Ass at a three-to-one clip.

And sadly for Democrats, even when they narrow their field, their fundraising will pale in comparison to the Republicans. I believe that President Trump hasn’t really turned on the spigot yet for donations, as he knows he really doesn’t need the money. His eventual vindication from many Leftists will help downticket Republicans to win.

I can hardly wait for the next FEC report to see how the DNC’s “Marvin-Gaye-worthy begging works out for them. Their only message seems to be, “Please don’t let the Republicans out-fundraise us!”

That’s not much of a strategy these days, as Democrats continue to walk away in droves.



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