Elizabeth Warren Feeling Cocky about Chances

Elizabeth Warren surged recently against Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden, and so she makes a calculated move in her bid for the presidency.

Again, Warren apologized for her lies regarding her Indian heritage.

“Like anyone who’s being honest with themselves, I know that I have made mistake,” the Massachusetts Democratic senator said at an Iowa forum on Native American rights. “I am sorry for the harm I have caused.”

Now Warren chooses to be honest with herself. I guess it’s pretty easy to be honest with oneself, once you’ve reaped all the benefits.

Fat job in wackademia, Senate career, and now a (misguided) run for the presidency.

As CNN reported,

That “sorry” was part of Warren’s broader attempt to put questions of her Native American heritage, which she had long claimed, to rest for a second time in the course of her presidential bid. And unlike her first swing at it — back in late 2018 — there’s reason to believe Warren’s handling of her heritage this time around has a much better chance of succeeding.

Nice try, CNN and Liz. But don’t think Warren’s second mea culpa ends her deceit. Because it doesn’t.

I don’t blame Warren for going “balls out” and trying to distance herself from her racist past. With Biden’s inevitable slide, what better chance will she have to run for president and “make history” as the first fake Indian to do so.?

Let’s just call this ploy what it is. An insurance policy against Biden.

Democrats know that Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden is gaffe prone. And while the media and other Leftists may overlook his guffaws, Trump and the American public won’t.

Further, Biden’s past won’t play well in the general election against Trump. The most astute Democrats know this, as Biden will not bring the black vote any more than Hillary Clinton could.

In answering the question, “Why now?”, CNN takes us back to the fateful day when Warren tried to prove her Indian heritage:

Let’s start by going back to last year when Warren, clearly preparing for a presidential bid, released a five-minute video in which she is shown going back to her home state of Oklahoma to track down whether or not she did, in fact, have Native American ancestors. (Warren had claimed Native American heritage in the past — citing her mother’s assertions about the family’s ethnicity.) The video culminated with a Stanford geneticist telling Warren that “the facts suggest that you absolutely have a Native American ancestor in your pedigree.” But the estimates of just how much Native American blood Warren actually possessed range from 1/64th to a whopping 1/1024th.

That did little to clear the question up. And things got even worse for Warren when an official for the Cherokee Nation responded to her DNA test, arguing that such claims were “useless” in determining tribal membership. President Donald Trump seized on the whole thing — as he does — by once again referring to Warren as “Pocahontas,” a term widely considered to be an ethnic slur.

If it didn’t work then, why revisit it?

Because sadly for Democrats, the fake Indian represents Democrats’ second best choice. Put another way, Warren is the unlikely backup plan.

So CNN puts out this trial balloon to see how people will react:

The centerpiece of that approach was a series of policy proposals — and a legislative plan — the Warren campaign released last week. That’s broadly consistent with the I-have-a-plan-for-that strategy that has taken Warren from an also-ran to a top-tier candidate over the past eight or so months. It also allows Warren to make a more forceful argument than just the basic “I am one of you!” She can now point to a series of ideas she has to improve the lives of Native Americans, a move that takes the focus away from Warren’s personal story and focuses it squarely on the broader plight of Native Americans in the United States.

I get it. Fake Indian Warren now sees the Indian as a pet project.

If she can’t be one of them for political expediency, she will pretend to help them for political expediency.

I have a question. Why didn’t fake Indian Warren help the Indians when she pretended they were her people?

CNN continues trying to convince somebody, anybody that Warren’s second apology may do the trick:

Don’t underestimate the power of simply saying “sorry” either. We are all inclined to give people second chances if they seem genuinely contrite and appear to have learned their lesson(s). And again, Warren’s apology takes the focus away from the “me” and puts it squarely on the “we” — a powerful thing in politics.

America is smarter than that. And that’s why Warren will never become president of the United States. But if it’s any consolation, she might beat Joe Biden

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