Great White Dope: Biden Experiences 13-Point Drop

Joe Biden won’t make it out of the Democrat primary. I called his race over months ago, and I stand behind my prediction.

Biden entered the Democrats’ race to get their asses kicked by Trump (again) at 41 percent. At that point he was the odds on favorite to win the nomination. And I’m sure most people felt he would win easily.

Not me.

I watched as Biden’s poll numbers began slipping almost instantly. From a ballistics point of view, Biden’s campaign was like a bullet: it will never get higher or faster than when it exited the barrel.

41 percent to begin with and now a Monmouth University poll released on Monday reports the new numbers. And the Democrats’ “sure thing”, touted as the one who beats President Trump by the biggest margin has fallen into the teens.

The Monmouth survey put Biden in a statistical three-way tie with Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. According to that poll, both Sanders and Warren are currently receiving 20 percent from Democratic primary voters, and Biden is at 19. The polls has a margin of error of 5.7%.

For those doing the math, Biden dropped 13 points from the same poll done not long ago. Biden’s campaign responded:

“This poll is an outlier that is contradicted by every measure of the national average. Poll after poll also confirms that, because of the high stakes of this election, Democratic primary voters are the most energized about a nominee who can take-on and defeat Donald Trump and the atrocious values he represents, and win the battle we’re in for the soul of this nation. Joe Biden is by all accounts the candidate best positioned to make that happen.”

There is some pseudo good news for Biden, if you really just want a bit of spin. According to The RealClearPolitics average on Monday, which includes the Monmouth poll, Biden leads the rest of the Leftists rubes receiving 27.2 percent. That poll has Sanders and Warren at roughly 16 percent.

You can bet that Biden’s people tout that poll, despite Biden’s uncomfortable slip into the 20-percent range.

The spin: The former Vice-President maintains a double digit lead over his nearest challengers.

Good luck with that.

Biden’s campaign is dead, even if they won’t admit it. He shows no ability to change the trajectory. Democrats have lost faith in Biden as they realize he really is a braindead moron.

As the saying goes, “Takes one to know one.”.

Democrats obviously don’t want another “Hillary” incident. Faking themselves into believing they could “coup” their way to a victory with a highly flawed candidate. The problem for Democrats is they have nothing but highly flawed candidates.

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