Joe Scarborough Accuses Trump Supporters of Backing Violence

Over the weekend, a gunman unloaded in an El Paso Walmart. His aim was seemingly to eradicate as many Mexican nationals as he could. Liberals immediately laid the blame at Donald Trump’s feet.

Ironically, the next day, an Ohio gunman killed nine people and wounded 27 more in his 30 second rant. Oddly, liberals still blame Trump.

However, the Ohio shooter, Connor Betts, is a socialist. He wanted Joe Biden’s generation to die off. He sung the praises of Satan and Elizabeth Warren. Perhaps he thought they were one and the same, I’m not sure. However, his views were definitely extremist.

The Twitter biography reads, “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” Tweets include praising Satan and “F— John McCain” after late Arizona Sen. John McCain died.

The Washington Examiner elaborates:

He also reportedly criticized American gun laws, tweeting in 2018, “This is America: Guns on every corner, guns in every house, no freedom but that to kill” and tweeted to Ohio Sen. Rob Portman on the day of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting, “@robportman hey rob. How much did they pay you to look the other way? 17 kids are dead. If not now, when?

On the Fourth of July, in response to a tweet on “easy ways to help close detention camps,” the account linked to Betts replied, “Cut the fences down. Slice ICE tires. Throw bolt cutters over the fences.”

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 6.54.33 PM.jpg

Betts reportedly did not want to vote for California Sen. Kamala Harris because “Harris is a cop,” but “Warren I’d happily vote for.”

“I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding,” read one tweet.

Betts also exhibited a fascination with the devil, using such hashtags as “#selfie4satan,” “#HailSatan,” and “@SatanTweeting”.

The shooter was shot and killed by police within a minute of starting his attack at a popular bar and restaurant scene in Dayton, Ohio. It appears he also killed his sister and her boyfriend shortly before the attack.

Funny how the leftist hypocrisy blames Trump no matter the gunman’s beliefs.

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Even though the shooter in El Paso said his beliefs predate Trump, liberals are quick to take this racially charged crime and use it to deepen the political divide. And Joe Scarborough is no exception.

As the Gateway Pundit reports:

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough declared on Monday that donors to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign are funding a “white supremacist campaign” and that the recent mass shootings are their fault.

Scarborough asserted that “those of you who are funding Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, you may want to take note that because you keep writing checks to this president, it’s on you … because you are funding this white supremacist campaign.”

“His Republican allies on the Hill, also corporations that are supporting Donald Trump’s reelection, also business people who are supporting Donald Trump’s reelection because they might like a tax cut but they don’t care about the racism. They don’t care about the white supremacy,” Scarborough said. “They’ve remained silent as well.”

Taking aim at the companies that have donated to his campaign, Scarborough wondered if their shareholders have opinions about the matter.

“And trying to pretend he’s not a white supremacist… that, of course, goes for you CEOs who allow your companies to continue to write checks to support the political rise of this white supremacist president. I wonder if your shareholders are really OK with that,” Scarborough said.

Joe is completely off the rails at this point.

GP continues:

The unhinged MSNBC host also claimed that donors are funding a “hate campaign” and that the mass shootings over the weekend are on them.

“Leaders of business in America are supporting that sport of white supremacy. They are funding that man and his hate campaign that gives inspiration to white supremacists and white supremacy,” Scarborough said. “For those of you that are funding Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, you may want to take note. Because you keep writing check to this president, it’s on you. It really is. It’s all on you because you are funding this white supremacist campaign.”

Fox News reports, “Scarborough was once close to Trump and often provided him a platform on ‘Morning Joe’ in the early days of his 2016 campaign. Rolling Stone referred to Scarborough and co-host/wife Mika Brzezinski as ‘Trump’s lapdogs’ in February 2016 and many observers feel ‘Morning Joe’ helped get Trump elected.”

Kevin Jackson once weighed in on the Trump/Scarborough dynamic:

So the battle has waged for some time, as President Trump recognized the media for what it is: fake.

Cuckold Scarborough supposedly represents the Conservative side of Morning Joe, yet he has managed to allow his paramour to dictate.

And despite Leftists’ wildest wet dreams, President Trump will serve out his term, and then get re-elected for another.

Is this reality finally hitting Scarborough? Because he will need to deal with President Trump for 7 more years. Does he and all the other exposed media think they can win in this effort?

Scarborough has pulled a Roberto Duran, “No mas!” He picked a fight he couldn’t win.

The press and other Leftists have learned that Donald Trump doesn’t back down. Nor will he be intimidated.

Jackson wrote that two years ago. Nothing’s changed. Scarborough still can’t find his manhood, and Trump is still winning.





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