Judge Pimp-Slaps Democrats for ‘Gaming the System’

A judge shortened the runway for the Democrats. Soon Nadler and team will be completely out of tarmac, as they lose another battle against Trump.

Spoiler alert: Trump wins now and in the end. According to Fox News:

A D.C. federal judge on Wednesday shot down an attempt by House Judiciary Committee Democrats to link their subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn to a separate request for secret grand jury information from the Russia investigation after the Justice Department accused them of trying to “game the system.”

By gaming the system, the judge saw what Democrats tried to do with judge selection.

Normally cases are assigned to judges randomly. This prevents what is known as “judge shopping”. But in a Tuesday court filing, the department alleged the Democrat-controlled committee indeed attempted to judge shop.

They wished to exploit an exception that allows “related” cases to be heard by the same judge. In this case, the DOJ said the panel improperly sought to connect the McGahn case to the grand jury case simply because they’re both part of their investigation of President Trump.

“[A]t first blush, the House Judiciary Committee’s view that the related case rule applies is understandable,” D.C. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell wrote in her order rejecting the bid. “Nonetheless, closer examination demonstrates that these connections between the two cases are too superficial and attenuated for the instant McGahn Subpoena Case to qualify[.]”

“This later-filed, subpoena-enforcement suit involves no issues of fact or law common to the earlier Grand Jury application, nor does it focus on a common event or transaction such that the matters would be ‘related,’” the DOJ argued in its court filing.

Clearly the Democrats were caught trying to pull a fast one. More shenanigans so they can prolong their doom.

There is no connection between the cases. And the judge saw this. But what we should be focused on are the continued tricks Democrats use to further their lies. What this case proves is Democrats have no end to their skulduggery. They wanted Trump and won’t stop until he squeezes the last breath from their deflated lungs.

And Trump will oblige them. Democrats have never met a more formiddable foe. Trump  loses a battle here and there, but he wins the war. The sooner Democrats realize that, the better their future looks. Because the damage being done to their party may soon be irreparable.



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