Kamala Harris Sinks in Senior Citizen Showdown

Turns out, Kamala Harris is Pinocchio’s soul sister. And by Pinocchio, I’m referring the the so-called great black President that once ruled the White House.

Exactly what did Kamala lie about? If you guessed healthcare, ding ding ding. You got it!

Instead of saying things like “you can keep your doctor,” or “you can keep your health plan,” Kamala tried a new one. “I won’t mess with your healthcare.”

Just watch as Harris tries to fool one little old lady into believing in her.

Personally, I think this senior citizen echos the sentiments of most people in her situation. But the mainstream media wants you to believe the public wants democrats to take another stab at Obama No-care.

Roberta Jewell is a 91 year old resident at the Bickford Senior Center, and she has a front row seat to government run healthcare. Notice she didn’t have one positive word for ObamaCare. Her only advice was “leave our healthcare alone!” And she dished it out with a great deal of force.

So Kamala did what and democrat would do, she tucked her tail and told a lie. “I am not going to mess with your healthcare.” Funny, that’s not the story she’s been selling on the campaign trail.

Kamala’s Plan

I’m not ever sure we can say Kamala has a plan. But we can say this. She’s repeatedly supported the idea of “Medicare for All.”

In fact, she co-sponsored the bill in the Senate. But now she’s jumping ship.

As Newsweek explains:

Speaking at a Hamptons fundraiser to corporate executives and one-percenters, Harris explained that she has “not been comfortable” with the healthcare plan written by her 2020 competitor Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“I think almost every member of the United States Senate who’s running for President and many others, have signed on to a variety of plans in the Senate. And I have done the same,” she said at the fundraiser, according to her campaign. “[A]ll of them are good ideas, which is why I support them. And I support Medicare for All. But as you may have noticed, over the course of many months, I’ve not been comfortable with Bernie’s plan, the Medicare for All plan.”

In August of 2017, Harris became the first Senator to co-sponsor the plan. She continued to express support for it during her presidential campaign, sending out a press release in April of 2019 where she wrote that “Medicare for All finally makes sure every American has affordable, comprehensive health care.”

Harris campaign spokesman Ian Sams told The Daily Beast that “there’s a difference between signing onto a good idea and running on a plan.” He continued: “Senator Harris was hearing from lots of voters real concerns, specifically about proactively abolishing private insurance, the four year transition, middle class tax hikes, and so she came up with her own plan to adjust for those that, frankly, is better than his.”

Sure, it sounds good, but who could trust someone who changes her plan every time she changes her underwear?

Wishy Washy

If you listen to Harris, her wishy washy words give the impression that she’s just saying what the crowd wants to hear.

Newsweek continues:

…this isn’t the first time Harris has had to walk back her support of Medicare for All. During the first Democratic debate, she was one of two candidates who raised their hands when asked if they would get rid of private health insurance as president. The next morning on NBC’s Morning Joe, however, she said that she would not abolish private insurance. Harris claimed that it was because she interpreted the question differently.

“The question was, would you give up your private insurance for that option, and I said yes,” she explained.

In January during a CNN Town Hall, Harris also delivered mixed messages around healthcare. “The idea is that everyone gets access to medical care, and you don’t have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require. Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on,” she said.

She later claimed that her response was misinterpreted.

Harris revealed her own plan in late July, which would make room for private insurers to offer plans in the system. There would also be a 10-year phase-in to the system, causing some concern that her successor would already be in office by the time any changes were implemented.

Once again, we’re confronted with a democrat who talks a lot of pretty talk to cover up for a lot of ugly facts. Clearly, she doesn’t have a real solution to our healthcare woes. Meanwhile, Democrats paint Trump as the problem.

The way I see it, Mr. President might not string his words together like a work of art, but he shoves the truth out there- in your face. Just like Roberta Jewell did.

In fact, I believe that’s why Democrats drag their heels on healthcare reform. They just can’t take the chance of Donald Trump solving yet another American problem without all their bureaucratic bologna.



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