New York Times Caves to Leftism

Remember when the New York Times took integrity seriously?

I do. In fact, in the late 90s, they published guidelines for staff writers to clarify their standards. According to the Times,

“Our greatest strength is the authority and reputation of The Times. We must do nothing that would undermine or dilute it and everything possible to enhance it.”

Clearly, the publication struggles to uphold those standards now days. In fact, leftism just reared it’s ugly head again. And why? Because the Times almost praised Donald Trump.

As Breitbart explains:

The far-left New York Times caved to the leftist Twitter mob with a major switch in headlines between its first and second editions.

The first print edition’s headline read, “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism.”

But after the Blue Checkmark Mafia freaked out, the Times caved with a late edition headline that reads, “Assailing Hate But Not Guns.”

New York Times print editor Tom Jolly tweeted out the original edition.

Within an hour, through, the Times had caved to the left’s demand that President Trump never-ever-ever receive even a neutral headline.

After the original edition was revealed, and even though we are constantly told that criticizing the media is a form of violence, the Times was assaulted through social media by all the usual suspects.

The Loving and Tolerant Left Strikes Again

It’s hilarious that leftists continue to bash the right for being racist, or intolerant. Yet, time and again, it’s the left that throws a hissy fit anytime an opinion differs from their own.

Breitbart continues:

And because there is no appeasing the left, as of this writing, #CancelNYT is still trending on Twitter and still filled with angry and deeply unhappy Trump-haters threatening to either cancel their New York Times subscriptions, or bragging that they already have.

CNN’s Joan Walsh one of those who announced her cancellation.

Even flailing and failing Democrat presidential candidate Paddy O’Rourke got into the dangerous business of criticizing the media.

Of course, I’m still wondering why anyone cares what CNN or Beto O’Rourke think.

But I would never stop them from weighing in. As a conservative I believe in free speech and free press. Further, I believe in the power of the truth. Only leftists need to silence the opposition. Otherwise, they lose more followers every day.

In fact, Breitbart sums it up pretty well.

This all proves three things we already knew…

1) The left is totally fine with threatening and attacking the media … if those attacks come from the left.

2) The New York Times is not an independent news organization with principles and integrity. Rather, its business model is comfort food for leftists, a business model it’s not willing to risk under any circumstance.

3) These bitter Blue on Blue battles are a thing of beauty… 


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