Obama Who: North Korea HONORS President Trump

How does President Trump go from calling the North Korean dictator “fat boy” to receiving this honor?

It’s called the art of the deal.

And no other American could have achieved it; certainly no Leftist. Nor has any American been honored with their own North Korean stamp.

According to Newsmax,

A series of stamps on sale in Pyongyang since June 12 commemorate the one-year anniversary of the first summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump in 2018, including showing a handshake between the two leaders, Kyodo News reported.

The latest release celebrates President Trump’s impromptu visit to the demilitarized zone, NK News reported.

The Independent noted none of the stamps feature South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has also met with North Korea’s Kim.

What? No North Korean Obama stamp?

After all, Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing. One would think the North Koreans would understand the importance of Obama’s blackness.

The article continues,

The stamps come as North Korea has escalated tensions with short-range missile tests amid slowed nuclear negotiations.

President Trump has downplayed the missile tests as “very standard” and a situation that is “very much under control.”

The fact that Kim Jong Un issued this stamp at this time shows the respect he has for President Trump. And as for the missile test, President Trump commented to White House reporters:

“We never made an agreement on that – I have no problem. We’ll see what happens. But these are short-range missiles. They are very standard.”

Indeed, North Korea has a right to missiles. The negotiation with President Trump centers  around North Korea abandoning its nuclear ambitions. And those negotiations are on track.

So Trump deserves his new stamp.

And it’s ironic that he would get a stamp from North Korea before he gets one from America. And it’s not just one stamp, but a series of stamps.

Clearly Kim Jong Un see a great future with President Trump. I’m sure he respects the man who dared confront him. And now Kim see that Trump truly want to help North Korea become a financial powerhouse.

Where else will Trump have stamps? Could Kim set a trend? After all, while most world leaders have dropped in stature since Trump’s election, Trump’s stature has risen. Solidly.

Oh what irony should France, Britain, no Germany create a Trump stamp. America would have no choice but to honor President Trump with a stamp, and not an Affirmative Action stamp like that of Obama’s.

No, Trump will get a white Republican stamp. Authentically American, and based on merit. In fact, if he’s honored as he should be, he will get many of them.

But for some reason if he doesn’t, Trump can print his own big, beautiful stamp. And Mexico is going to pay for it.



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