Pelosi Heckled: Sees HUGE GAP in Democrat Unity

Democrats know they have huge divides within their party. That is a natural occurrence when your party is made up of lunatics.

So Speaker Nancy Pelosi has her hands full dealing with pimps and skanks within her party, while simultaneously trying to take down America’s best modern-day president.

Pelosi can’t control the uber radicals within her party who literally want the blood of Trump spilled publicly. Thus, Pelosi finds herself in a real quandary.

As Fox News reported,

Liberal protesters fed up with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reluctance when it comes to impeaching President Trump disrupted a “Heart of the Resistance” dinner where the California Democrat was receiving a lifetime achievement award, claiming Pelosi does not deserve such an accolade unless she pushes for removing the president.

Demonstrators gathered outside San Francisco’s InterContinental Hotel, where the event took place, calling on Pelosi to support impeaching Trump.

“If Speaker Pelosi does not lead on impeachment, she won’t leave a legacy of resistance like many other San Francisco Democrats,” CREDO Action campaign manager Nicole Regalado said while leading a crowd of demonstrators outside the hotel. “She will leave a legacy of failure by not fighting against one of the biggest threats to our families and communities.”

The crowd then chanted, “Nancy Pelosi do your job,” and other rallying cries.

Pelosi has no intention of trying to impeach President Trump, as that act is political suicide. But how does she please the zombie horde, yet preserve what’s left of her party?

Some “resister” she represents.

And what irony. The woman receiving the “Heart of the Resistance” award possesses not the heart to resist; at least according to the protesters.

I’m surprised Maxine Waters didn’t pull a “Kanye” and snatch the award from Pelosi, saying, “Beyonce deserved this award, not Pelosi!”.

Democrats have massive problems looming, and not just from their inability to impeach President Trump. Soon many Democrats will need to defend their participation in the attempted coup. And the timing couldn’t be worse, as Trump will pound them on the campaign trail over their sedition.

Imagine when President Trump states with confidence that Obama and most of his administration tried to stop Trump’s campaign and ultimately his presidency. They attempted to blame the Russians for interfering with an election, while in fact they, the Democrats were the culprits?

Then Trump starts dismantling the Democrats on border security, tax policy, trade policy, healthcare policy, the calls of racism, sexism, pc culture, and so on. The president could very well have the longest runway in history to finish giving America the best 8 years of prosperity in history. And he will simultaneously have destroyed Leftists mantras.

Be still my heart!

Further, while Pelosi fights for the semblance of power, President Trump shores up the Republican Party. They have never been more ready to fight than now. Clearly, former RINOs see what true leadership can do for the party, and they are firmly on board.

I dare any Democrat to show me any true indicator of Democrat success.

Republicans currently outfundraise Democrats three to one. And they have money in the bank.

Democrats burn 89 percent of every dollar they take in and they haven’t selected a candidate. I’d love to hear Pelosi review the prospects of each of their presidential candidates, and their prospects to beat Trump head to head.

Moreover, go down ticket and you really see Pelosi’s problems, particularly in battleground states.

Trump gave the Democrats the rope to hang themselves and they obliged.

From AOC and The Squad to the Congressional Black Circus clowns, Democrats showcased lunacy beyond belief.

Democrats sanctioned the anarchy of blacks shooting water guns at police, and the brutality of Antifa.

Also, Democrats proved their neglect of American citizens for the sake of illegals with their cries of “separation of children” at the border. Their constituents understand neglect, when their representatives ignore their real life issues.

No wonder President Trump shows optimism. He has every reason to be, as he will soon watch Pelosi hand over the gavel during his second term.

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