Peter Strzok Just Complicated Things for Mueller and Team

It’s amazing how the Left justifies themselves. Many feel their failed coup against President Donald Trump was justified.

In fact, most of these Leftist clowns feel no guilt for the orchestrated witch hunt meant to depose a sitting president. Case in point, Peter Strzok.

According to The Hill:

Peter Strzok, the former FBI agent who came under fire for sending disparaging text messages about President Trump and other political figures during the 2016 election, is suing his former employer over his firing, claiming the decision was a result of “unrelenting pressure” from President Trump.

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Strzok’s counsel argued that he was fired unlawfully for using his protected political speech under the First Amendment, among other reasons.

The lawsuit also alleges that unlawful leaks to the press violated the Privacy Act.

“The concerted public campaign to disparage and, ultimately, fire Special Agent Strzok was enabled by the defendants’ deliberate and unlawful disclosure to the media of texts, intended to be private, from an FBI systems of records, in violation of the Privacy Act,” according to the court documents.

Enough evidence exists to put Strzok away for ten lifetimes, except we live in a different age. We live in a time where we can’t measure “intent”.

Remember how disgraced former FBI Director James Comey tortuously explained how Hillary Clinton destruction of hard drives and cell phones exhibited no ill intent to destroy evidence?

So what Strzok and his FBI lover texted their disapproval of Trump and plotted ways to execute an “insurance policy”. We still don’t know their “intent”, right?

As for Strzok, what does his suing do for the Mueller Report?

Funny how things turn. Recall that supposedly President Trump firing the linchpin of the Democrats’ coverup strategy set the attempted coup in motion. What will the Democrats do if Strzok proves that Mueller fired him for the wrong reasons?

Will Jerry Nadler call hearings before the House Judiciary Committee claiming that Trump “obstructed”, ordering the firing of the crooked FBI agent?

Don’t throw away any crazy theory where Democrats blame Trump. Because Democrats need a lifeline like Mike Tyson answering questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Let’s see how the Democrats try to spin this one. Because I see no way this looks good. Either Strzok is right or Mueller is. And that pits two Leftists against each other.

I will say it took balls for Strzok to play this card. He’s completely and utterly guilty, so why try such a gambit? Does he had information that could bring down others. I know I wouldn’t make such a move, unless I had one serious trump card.


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