REAL Trump Polling: HORRIBLE News for Democrats

Democrats love fooling themselves, thus their fake news polls.

In the wake of their failed coup and false cries of racism, Democrats destroy their own chances to maintain control of the plantation.

They continue their witch hunts and retread political stunts that failed in 2016. All President Trump need do is watch their self-destruction.

Poll after poll shows all the Democrats beating President Trump in head to head matchups. And only a certifiable moron would believe that any Democrat stands a chance against him.

At one point, Democrats stopped fantasizing, and tried to convince us, “OK maybe Joe Biden can beat Trump head to head”. However recently with Biden being Biden, Democrats have backed off that insane idea.

A supposedly surging Elizabeth Warren has Democrats as worried as Biden giving an impromptu speech. Democrats know that most Americans can’t stand Fauxchahontas, and certainly don’t want to hear the shrill for 4 years.

All this to bring you a much more realistic poll. Zogby Analytics reported that President Trump’s approval rating increased. They say the rise is driven by long-term confidence in his economy and boosted by the lackluster performances of the two dozen Democrats trying to beat him in the 2020 election.

Long-term confidence in the economy and essentially no confidence in the radical communist running as Democrats.

Recently I saw a poll that had Trump’s disapproval at 56 percent, “The worst since his presidency”, the poll reported.

Why? Because the record stock market dropped from one of its previous highs? Or because China devalued its currency to stop the trade war carnage happening to their economy? Maybe because the Democrats ate a sh*t sandwich over the Mueller Report and his testimony?

Exactly what would make the president’s approval drop?

Oh that’s right. He told three radical Democrats to “go back”. So he’s a racist. And let’s not forget the most important reason: Obama killed Osama bin Laden.

Zogby dismisses the so-called negatives (even the sarcastic ones from me). Apparently the poll found that recent issues portrayed in the media as trouble for Trump haven’t hurt him. But what’s far worse for Democrats is that Trump support appears to be growing among blacks, Hispanics, Independents and younger voters.

From Zogby:

“President Trump’s job approval has continued to rise the last few months,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby in his analysis of likely voters.

“It’s true Trump is riding high on positive economic news,” he said.

Democrats aren’t helping themselves.

If you watched the debates, you’ve seen a Democrat implosion. Zogby noted:

“It’s also very plausible he is benefiting from poor performances by the Democratic presidential candidates who have continued to move very far to the left with their policies. The Democrats have floated nationalizing healthcare, strict gun control, ‘The Green New Deal,’ and raising taxes, all which are very unpopular in polling on a national level and in key battleground states.”

President Trump strengthened the Republicans. And stronger Republican approval has buoyed the President’s ratings. President Trump continues to poll high among Republicans.

“An overwhelming number of Republicans approved (86% approve/13% disapprove)

Frankly, I believe this number remains well above 90 percent as many other polls report.

But what of other groups?

According to Zogby, Independents were more balanced in their impression of Trump’s job performance (45% approve/50% disapprove). Keep in mind that Zogby Analysis  had the president in the 30’s with Independents only a few months ago. So based on this latest poll, Trump gains with Independents.

I’m not surprised. But it does get worse for Democrats in what may surprise them.

Zogby theorized,

“Race also played a factor in Trump’s job approval rating. Hispanics, this time around, were much more likely to approve of his job performance (49% approve), while the president also saw his numbers jump with African Americans. This was his second straight poll from African Americans (28% approve). If Trump wins half of Hispanics and a quarter of African Americans in 2020, Democrats will be in trouble!”

So after all the calls of racism, President Trump garners 28 percent support from blacks!?

Then Hispanics at almost 50 percent in apparent backlash at the feigned outrage about “separation of children at the border”.

Wait, there’s more. Young voters veer towards Trump. As has “consumer America”, aka everybody who spends money.

Zogby’s summary says that Trump’s support has spiked among consumers, mainly NASCAR fans and weekly Walmart and Amazon shoppers. These are the everyday Joe America’s who the Left marginalize or worse.

Further, according to Zogby, a solid majority of each group gives the president a positive job rating.Trump’s good approval rating is being driven by a surge in popularity among voters living in the South and Central regions, Independents, Millennials, suburban men, urban men, and older voters.

Aside: the Democrats’ war on men paid off…for Trump!

So keep it up, Democrats. At this point President Trump merely need to show up to win. But he will keep his foot on the pedal, holding massive rallies all over the country. Just to remind Democrats who is king of the Oval Office.






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