Third World CRAPHOLES Issue Travel Warnings for U.S.

Democrats, we are on to you! But nice try!

Two Third-World sh*tholes issued travel warnings about the U.S. And these warnings have the Democrats’ communist fingerprints all over them. 

As reported by this publication,

Two countries issued travel warnings to their citizens about the United States following two mass shootings that killed 31 people.

Both Venezuela and Uruguay warned their residents about violence and hate crimes in the United States Monday.

Uruguay’s Office of Foreign Ministry issued an advisory Monday saying citizens should “take precaution amid the growing indiscriminatory violence, specifically hate crimes including racism and discrimination” when traveling to the United States.

The alert noted that other factors, such as the “indiscriminate possession of firearms by the population” and the “impossibility of authorities to prevent these situations,” were among some of the reasons travelers need to be particularly wary of highly populated areas or events.

Uruguay’s warning also suggested avoiding the cities of Detroit, Baltimore and Albuquerque, as they were listed as part of the 20 most dangerous cities in the world according to the CEOworld Magazine 2019 index.

Why stop at three?

America’s 20 most dangerous cities all have one thing in common: they are run by Leftists.

But if Uruguay’s warning wasn’t enough, the land where people eat their pets chimed in.

Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry office also issued a warning to its residents Monday, saying Venezuelans should postpone their travels or exercise caution when traveling as a result of the events in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

The statement posted by the Foreign Ministry said that the “recent proliferation of violent acts and hate crimes” need to be considered by those planning to travel into the US.

I particularly loved the slam on guns from the Venezuelans:

“These increasing acts of violence have found an echo and support in the conversations and actions impregnated by racial discrimination and hatred against migrant populations, pronounced and executed by the supremacist elite who holds political power in Washington,” the statement read in part.

According to the statement, one of the main reasons for the violent acts in the US is the “inexcusable indiscriminate possession of fire arms by the population, encouraged by the federal government.”

Inexcusable indiscriminate possession of fire arms? Talk about a statement that gave this gun-living American a hearty laugh!

Interesting factoid. There is NO country in the world whose citizens don’t clamor to live in America, despite our guns. For all these countries who despise America’s guns, they all want to be America.

I don’t need to defend America’s Second Amendment or our citizens’ love of firearms. And I detest those who do defend us, as if defending oneself with the best weapon possible is crazy.

I learned to fight, because I didn’t like getting my ass kicked. And I learned to shoot for the potential of a thug trying to shoot me. That’s how things work.

If the citizens of other countries are too stupid to realize what Americans know, then stay in your crappy country. If you are here and don’t like firearms, then go to a crappy country where guns are outlawed.

Uruguay and Venezuela, we don’t want you here.

America won’t suffer because two sh*thole countries issue travel warnings. Lord knows Americans aren’t exactly beating down the door to vacation in either country. Oh, and neither is any other citizen of any other country.

So thanks for just pissing us off. I’m sure President Trump will figure out a clever way to punish them for their stupidity.

And Democrats, choose better countries to do your dirty work.



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