Trump Didn’t Save this Race Pimp’s Job

It’s been over three years since this race pimp lost his job. But don’t feel bad for him.

As I said in my book, race-pimping is so lucrative, even white Leftists do it. 

In this case, I’m speaking of the half-Italian, half-black Kaepernick. The hard-core ethnocentric black racist raised in the white man’s world. The ingrate who at the pinnacle of his life decided to go militant.

Big afro and raised fist, the has-been, bench-warming quarterback attempted to prolong his career by kneeling on behalf of all the blacks who got themselves killed by cops.

The ploy backfired. Thus, Kaepernick last played in Week 17 of the 2016 season. But don’t feel bad for him, because he got paid; millions, though the amount was undisclosed. And now this Plantation-American wants back in the league he sued?

In a post from his Twitter account on Wednesday, Kaepernick wrote: “5am. 5 days a week. For 3 years. Still Ready.”

LOL. Still ready for what?

Ready to cost some NFL franchise millions from his social justice antics?

Despite its sissy commissioner, the NFL is done with black social justice warriors that cost the league a fortune. So Kaepernick has as much chance of playing in the NFL as, what is the name of that gay linebacker from Mizzou who got drafted? Yes, that social justice experiment turned ugly.

31 year-old Kaepernick shared a video in which he says he’s been “denied” work for 889 days. I won’t post the video of the racist ingrate, but I do take pleasure in knowing in the time of the lowest unemployment for blacks in history, this clown still needs work.

Can you believe that Kaepernick believes he’s been “denied” work? Apparently, the millions Kaepernick received don’t take the place of the cheers from scoring touchdowns. Or the satisfaction of doing one’s job to the best of your ability?

Funny what money can’t replace, huh Colin?

It is said that Kaepernick is in tremendous shape; near his playing weight. Well, unless the NFL comes up with a swimsuit league, Kaepernick trains for “shiggles”. Because no team dare take on the Colin X without feeling the wrath of the fans.

I haven’t watched an NFL game since the Kaepernick incident. I predict that going into Year Four of no Kaepernick, many fans remain steadfast in boycotting the NFL. And yes, it’s because of Kaepernick and the league who tolerated this clown for far too long.

Kaepernick got the justice he demanded.

He took the millions from the NFL as reparations for not playing. He selfishly knelt, thinking that would prolong his career. All he ever really wanted to do was play the sport he’d been playing since he could walk. He just wanted a chance. But he “acted out” as the Left taught him to.

Ultimately, Kaepernick used a fake social justice agenda for egotistical reasons. He couldn’t perform, and decided to turn mediocrity into a battleground. And despite what shape he may be in, his body lay on the battlefield, war-torn.




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