How Trump Should Respond to War on Whites

Trump errs by recognizing the Progressive Left’s ubiquitous narrative of “white supremacy”.

The president’s response on white supremacy enables the constant attack on the white Americans and Judeo-Christian culture. Moreover, his statements feed the propaganda machinery of the Democratic Party.

Further, Trump’s wording here assists in the completion of the occupation by the ideological invasion (not the Brown people invasion that the Left uses as a cudgel to squelch this opinion).

Consider the recent Walmart attack where the media reported the white supremacist attack. In truth, the attacker was a radical environmentalist who killed over 20 people.

The media perpetrates this deception repeatedly. They intentionally stoke the flames of racism and single out white people as the privileged perpetrators of the civil disobedience and crimes such as this tragedy in El Paso.

Why? Because the Progressive Left and the media intentionally wish to drive our citizenry into a civil war that pits all races against white people.

This war began on our traditional American culture. However, the war has blatantly been expanded into the white race specifically.

Our country has groups like ANTIFA and BLM attacking citizens that dare to walk the street wearing a hat proclaiming, “Make America Great Again” and yet the media bombards us with “white supremacy”?

Trump supporters, true American are the most benevolent and tolerant of all cultures and religions in the world. Yet home-grown Leftist terror groups attack Trump supporters with immunity, as the Left wrongly declare the greatest citizens of the world “white supremacists”.

When did being born white become a crime? When did supporting one’s president become a crime? Finally, when did loving one’s country become a crime?

Leftist terrorists are free to attack someone simply because they disagree politically? Such is the real Obama legacy the Left so long for. A divisive nation, with enemy lines drawn by color, gender, religion, and so on.

The Left tears the fabric of America apart using identity politics. And all to get to America’s guns. The last line of defense for the Average Joe to protect himself. But not from the many criminals the Left has created. But from a tyrannical government who now know has no limits.

A government that attempted a coup against a presidential candidate, and a coup attempt that continues to this day.

Witch hunts and hoaxes, from Russia to racism, the Left continue looking in its bag of tricks. Blame “whitey”, while completely ignoring the black-on-black crime pervasive in Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, and almost all major Democrat-controlled cities in America. Then dismiss the black-on-white crime almost as pervasive. Their implement of destruction? Illegal firearms.

Nevertheless, it’s the white man’s fault and he has the “legal” guns.

If Americans do not take a stand to protect our 2nd Amendment and allow this attack on whites to continue, then shame on us. History teaches us not to judge people by the color of one’s skin. Apparently the Left skipped that day in Civics class.

Let’s hope the president refuses to buy into the ideas of white supremacy. America is not made up of colors of people. We define ourselves by one American culture.

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