Biden’s and Democrats’ Future Looking More Grim

Democrats know no lifeline exists for a 2020 victory over President Trump. But that won’t stop them from hoping.

CBS News’ election contributor, Anthony Salvano discusses the pseudo-bad news for Biden.

CBS reported the news as follows:

This poll tells a story of Elizabeth Warren rising. But not Joe Biden falling.

The former vice president now clings to a narrow lead over Warren in our CBS News/YouGov Tracker estimate of convention delegates — the only count that ultimately matters — with an estimated 600 delegates of all delegates available through Super Tuesday, to Warren’s 545.

Warren has gained delegate share as supporters of other, lower-tier candidates have been switching their preferences toward her.

The Spin for Biden and Plan B

Clearly, Warren is Plan B. Because Democrats know Biden’s history in presidential races. He’s a failure.

So it’s fun to watch as the Democrats implement parallel strategies that will ultimately lead to defeat.

For Warren, I might normally warn that the DNC will put its thumb on the scale for Biden. Bernie Sanders certainly knows how that feels. However, his payoff by Hillary Clinton more than put salve on his wounds. And the relatively newly-minted millionaire won’t care if he loses again. At this point, Sanders just feathers his nests.

Warren might feel slighted should the DNC pull the same shenanigans. And I suspect they won’t tip the scales for Biden, as Biden will likely implode. But for now, CBS and other Leftists want Biden to stay the course, thus the encouragement by delegate count.

Clearly Biden can’t grow the base. As others fall by the wayside, CBS noted that Biden isn’t gaining, but Warren is. While I’m suspect on any polls, I’ll play along.

So let’s say that Warren gained in “electability”. The obvious question is why?

Here’s how Fortune explained it.

Among those considering supporting the Massachusetts senator, the percentage who think she would probably beat President Donald Trump in 2020 has jumped 16 percentage points since June, to 55% from 39%. That cuts into Biden’s key argument that he’s the Democrat most likely to beat Trump.

Did you catch it?

“Among those considering supporting the Massachusetts senator”?

That’s the group finds her more electable than Biden. Well DUH.

Certainly Biden helped those people make up their minds. But what about the other 75 percent who like anybody but Warren?

Do you really believe Democrats think Warren will galvanize all the disparate groups of Leftists? Blacks, Latinos, youth, women, LGBTQ, and so on. What is so powerful about Warren or her message that increased Warren’s electability?

Answer: the fact that Joe Biden is a political nightmare.

But it will take more than Biden’s demise for Warren’s likability to increase. And it won’t be because of Warren’s policies, that’s for sure.

Whether the press admits it or not, Trump is likable. He’s the “every day” billionaire. Despite the constant lies and harassment of Trump by Leftists, his likability increases over time.

Democrats know this, and Trump’s re-election will not surprise the leaderless braindead zombies.

So whether Democrats select Biden or choose the knucklehead behind Door #2, they have no shot at beating Trump. Ask any Democrat to answer truthfully which position they’d rather be in, and they will opt for Trump’s spot almost every time.




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