Democrats and Biden: Their Desperation REEKS

Being a Democrat today must be pure hell. These buttclowns have no idea who they are.

They can’t decide on a challenger to the man they so want to beat. And that’s because Democrats have no good candidates.

I declared early on that Joe Biden wouldn’t be the Democrats’ nominee for president. I stand by this prediction.

First, the man possesses no intellect or political savvy. If Democrats measured Biden’s brain in horsepower, he couldn’t run a squirrel cage.

Second, Biden only knows how to lose. He’s lost twice to lesser competition. And now he’s at the onset of history, setting himself up for a third and final dismal defeat.

There will be no “third time’s the charm” here. Because deep down in the rotten soul of the Democrats, they know Biden is kaput.

The Washington Examiner drives home the point:

new poll from Fox News shows that while former Vice President Joe Biden is still in the lead in the packed Democratic primary, he is currently polling at his lowest among Iowa voters.

The poll shows Biden, 76, only has 29% of the vote in Iowa, the first state to have a caucus in the primary. In May, he was polling at 35%, and in August he was at 31%. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is in second at 18% and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in third at 16%.

From Day One of Biden’s entry into the presidential race his numbers have only gotten worse.

He began the race at 41 percent in most polls. Since then, Biden’s numbers fall with almost each new poll. The precipitous fall in polls coincides with Biden appearances, and therein lies Biden’s real problem.

How can you campaign, when every time you have a public appearance your numbers drop?

Worse yet is the analysis of Biden’s competition. Consider that even as Biden flops around like a dying goldfish, his competition gains no significant ground. Apparently “undecided” may be the Democrats’ nominee.

Warren surged for a bit. Then people remembered one basic fact about her: she’sstill Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders makes up no ground, because Bernie “Broken Record” Sanders has only one stump speech, blaming “da BILLIONAIRES”. 

The article continues, showcasing other candidates stuck in the wasteland:

California Sen. Kamala Harris is at 7%, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is at 5%, former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke is at 4%, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is at 3 %, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar got 2%.

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, and billionaire Tom Steyer are at 1%.

So what’s Biden to do to gain some traction, any traction? Prove he’s not demented, or at least Biden believes so.

Biden, who has been plagued with health issues for many years, promised to release his medical records before the Iowa caucuses next February.

“Before there’s a first vote, I’ll release my medical records. There is no reason for me not to release my medical records,” he said.

It’s going to take more than releasing medical records for Biden to win the nomination. But the Democrats have a dire choice to make. Because whomever they select will go down in history as the next Walter Mondale.

Who knows? Maybe Biden believes just getting the nomination makes him a winner. While this may get Biden (and some Democrats) a moral victory, he won’t beat Trump.

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