Democrats Believe Childhood Stress Comes From Trump

Today, Democrats will hold another hearing related to President Trump. This time, they’re pinning childhood stress on the President.

Democrats now assert the Trump administration and policies create “Adverse Childhood Experiences,” also known as ACE.

I agree, childhood is a rat race full of toxic stressors. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, school shootings, high stakes testing- kids don’t grow up in Mayberry anymore. But now leftists believe politics play an integral role in stressing our children.

This hearing promises to be the clown show we’ve come to expect from the left. I can’t wait to see who they’ve dubbed “childhood stress experts.”

Further, I contend leftism ruins childhood far more than Donald Trump. For example, where does Antifa come from? Definitely, the left. Surely, it’s stressful to be a kid, sitting in Starbucks, waiting for Antifa to throw a brick through the window.

The Women’s March was a bunch of leftists. When I look back at twelve year old me, I can’t imagine my mom parading around with a vagina on her head. The humiliation alone would’ve given me an ulcer. Furthermore, the war on cops originated from liberals. Think how much stress comes from wondering if the police will save you or kill you? Obama made kids believe they aren’t safe when they dial 911.

And what of AOC’s Green New Deal? These kids are worried the plant will implode in the coming decade. Cow farts are destroying the air and eating meat is ruining the earth. Clearly, the impending global meltdown has everyone on edge. But by all means, let’s blame this on Donald Trump.

Trump Studies

For the past two years, surveys and studies consistently blame Trump for an increased level of angst. Of course, those studies and surveys are conducted by leftists.

But just for the fun of it, let’s take a look as one such study.

According to the American Institute for Learning and Human Development:

A new report by John Rogers, director of the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at the University of California at Los Angeles, indicates that the divisiveness of the Trump era has sent student stress rates skyrocketing.  More than half of the public school teachers surveyed reported ”high levels of stress and anxiety” in their students between January, when Trump took office, and May.

The report, entitled: ”Teaching and Learning in the Age of Trump:  Increasing Stress and Hostility in America’s High Schools,”  indicated that nearly 80% of teachers reported ”that their students have expressed concerns for their well-being or the well-being of their families associated with recent public policy discourse on one or more hot-button issues, including immigration, travel limitations on predominantly Muslim countries, restrictions on LGBTQ rights, changes to health care, or threats to the environment.”  Forty-four percent of teachers reported that ”students’ concerns about well-being in relation to one or more hot-button policy issues impacted students’ learning—their ability to focus on lessons and their attendance.”

There you have it folks! Kids are skipping school because Trump is their president. Too bad kids from the last hundred years didn’t have that excuse in the bag.

Trump Truths

The sad thing about all these left-skewed reports is they never once mention one of Trump’s positive accomplishments. And yes, he’s done some great things for children.

I’ve seen Trump invite kids to visit the White House. And remember those UCLA basketball players? They weren’t children, but they sure acted like it when they shoplifted in China! Instead of grateful appreciation for getting these young men home, Trump received criticism! And I don’t ever see Trump’s good deeds in the headlines.

For example, Trump recently called for a $500 million dollar increase in funding for childhood cancer research. He is dedicated to ending the tragedy of children fighting for their lives. At his SOTU address, Trump said, “Tonight, I am also asking you to join me in another fight that all Americans can get behind.” Then he called us to action. I bet that has kids losing sleep right and left.

But leftists paint every action Trump takes in a negative light. Pelosi criticized the $500M and not nearly enough. Yet, she’s been in Congress for decades. She was first elected in 1987- which means she served under quite a few presidents. Why didn’t she allocate the appropriate funding before Trump upped the ante?

Back to ACE

There’s only one reason for children to stress over Trump’s presidency. Bernie Sanders isn’t running this show. Trump doesn’t plan on handing out a free ride. No free college, or free house, or free electric car. There won’t be free food and free healthcare. Instead, these kids will have to grow up and get jobs. I can see how that has a lot of kids twisted in knots. In fact, it must be hell to grow up winning.



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