George Soros PRAISES President Trump

There exist many signs of trouble for Democrats.

For example, look at their candidates. Biden is a questionable top contender that Democrats don’t want. Their second choice is far worse. And what of that miserable field!

One of the contenders is a billionaire running who bought his way into the next debate. But more importantly, Tom Steyer no longer donates to the Democratic Party as he has his own campaign to finance.

But now the Democrats’ most notorious billionaire supporter forebodes signs of massive fractures within the Democratic Party.

According to Fox News:

George Soros, the left-wing billionaire, offered partial praise for President Trump in an op-ed published Monday night over his tough stance on China but went on to urge Congress not to allow the president to use Huawei – the second largest smartphone maker in the world – as a bargaining chip in his fight for reelection.

Soros, who famously shorted the British pound in 1992 and made a $1 billion profit, penned the op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. He said perhaps Trump’s only foreign policy win during his presidency was “the development of a coherent and genuinely bipartisan policy toward Xi Jinping ’s China,” and his administration’s move to declare Beijing a “strategic rival.”

While Soros may have warned about Trump’s re-election, one doesn’t get the impression he would be torn up by it.

If Soros wants a U.S. president who is tough on China, Trump fits the bill. Because Obama was a disaster.

The article continues,

Soros also praised the administration’s move to place Huawei on the Commerce Department’s so-called “entity list,” which prevents U.S. companies from dealing with the telecom giant.

“As founder of the Open Society Foundations, my interest in defeating Xi Jinping’s China goes beyond U.S. national interests,” he wrote. “As I explained in a speech in Davos earlier this year, I believe that the social-credit system Beijing is building, if allowed to expand, could sound the death knell of open societies not only in China but also around the globe.”

Soros denouncing the “social credit” system?! Be still my Conservative heart.

Can you imagine a social credit system in America. Controlled by entities like Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like? No Conservative would be free.

I won’t put Soros in the Conservative category just yet. But Democrats can’t be happy about his latest comments. In fact, just the headline: “Soros Praises Trump” likely has a lot of feathers ruffles this morning.



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