Kamala Harris’ Angry Black Chick Routine FAILED

What’s that saying? “Always bet on black!”

Oh, and then what about, “Once you go black…”?

Well, in both cases when it comes to racist Democrats, they don’t always bet on black, nor do they want to go back!

Obama ruined it for potential black Democrat presidents. Because clearly Democrats want no part of “light-skinned Negroes” of ANY dialect.

Apparently the word has gotten out. Light-skinned Plantation-Americans are nutty. And that’s just how Kamala Harris acted during the debates. Nutty.

As CNBC noted,

Kamala Harris’ obviously scripted and generally bizarre performance at the September 12th debate has her major donors on the fence about her future and whether or not they can dedicate themselves to her cause alone.

On my radio show, I noted Harris’ glaring “rehearsed” lines. Further, she performed her lines like she wanted us to know she was a bad actress.

To me, Harris looked like the black chick out of her league trying to fit in with the white sorority girls.

Harris gave a performance…a really BAD performance. And everybody who watched knew the deal. A drowning candidate grasped for straws.

But the worst part for Harris is what her donors and potential donors saw.

According to the article, her close supporters had acknowledged that if Harris didn’t “come out swinging” against her opponents and “clearly define her policies”, that wealthy donors could begin to shy away from her. What they wanted was the Harris that dared to challenge Joe Biden about his racist past. Moreover, aside from “Trump sucks”, what policies would Harris implement that would make their lives better.

Instead, Harris opened the third debate with an overt attempt to win over the red meat crowd by attacking President Trump.

Harris suggested that President Trump would have been indicted if DOJ guidelines were different.

“The only reason you were not indicted is because there was a memo in the Department of Justice that says a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime.”

Aside from the fact Harris’ statement is an obvious lie, Harris delivered this line with all the class of a street prostitute.

The line got cheap applause from the out-of-touch crowd, but it blew Harris’ already feeble chances of being president in 2020 or ever.

The rest of the debate for Harris feature odd lines, including one where she hearkened back to “Yes we can!”, seemingly admonishing Joe Biden for his take on gun control, but doing so with weird, almost drug-influenced laughter.

And there were many other odd moments, where Harris delivered one-liners in an apparent hope for viral media. Mission accomplished. Just not what Harris and team wanted.

Harris  supporters and uncommitted contributors are now “not convinced” that they can support her.

Harris has a serious problem that can’t be fixed. She’s Kamala Harris. And that bimbo doesn’t know who she is. Frankly, most Democrats suffer from the same malady. Because common sense flies in the face of their beliefs.

No Democrat on that stage truly believes what they say.

Instead, liberals just know they can’t speak the truth. Doing so gets you expelled from the tribe.

Democrats speak of gun control, but many of the candidates own guns. They speak of white privilege, yet relinquish none of their own. They speak of higher taxes, yet pay as little as possible. And don’t even ask about their charity, as records prove they donate practically nothing.

Democrats don’t live anything close to their beliefs, and it shows. Sadly for Kamala Harris, she showcased her inability to continue making her lie–her life–believable. No more “When I was a little girl on the bus” stories to bail her out.

Her fate awaits other Democrats. Bernie “Millionaire” Sanders is the wealthiest socialist in America. How’s that going to fly? The new surging candidate, Elizabeth Warren speaks of college costs and hidden racism, when she made $400,000 annually to teach ONE CLASS, and drew that salary because her college thought she was a minority.

I’ve said many times, the Democrat who can defeat Donald Trump hasn’t been born. And when the Democrats finally pick their poison, President Trump will make them eat it.





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