Pelosi LIVID at Nadler Over Impeachment Nonsense

Democrats have no cohesion and it shows. While the party managed to put AOC and The Squad in check temporarily, they can’t wrangle Jerry “No Neck” Nadler.

Nadler and his ilk obsess over the impossibility of impeaching President Donald Trump. They have no reason to impeach him, which makes their efforts all the more laughable.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t laughing. According to Politico, in a closed-door Capitol Hill meeting of Democrats recently, Pelosi vented that Judiciary Committee aides have advanced the impeachment push “far beyond where the House Democratic Caucus stands,”

“And you can feel free to leak this,” Pelosi added, according to several people who were there.

Evidently, Pelosi knows there will be leaks of their infighting.

The article continues,

It was the latest sign of the widening schism between Pelosi and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, two longtime allies who are increasingly in conflict over where to guide the party at one of its most critical moments.

Both Pelosi and Nadler, who have served in the House together for more than 25 years, insist their relationship remains strong. But their rift over impeachment is getting harder and harder to paper over amid Democrats’ flailing messaging on the topic and a growing divide in the caucus.

I’ve mentioned on my radio show and in interviews that Pelosi has the most difficult job in politics.

She fights against a successful president whose orchestrates a successful agenda. And Trump accomplishes previously considered impossible tasks with ease, and while under attacks.

Pelosi and team hate Trump’s policies, yet they can’t thwart his success. Trump’s success breeds even more dissatisfaction within the Democratic Party, as all of the special interest groups fight to destroy the president. At some point, those interests are bound to conflict internally.

Interestingly as the faux impeachment process plays out, Pelosi coordinates with Nadler on investigations, legal strategy and messaging. Pelosi even authorized the Judiciary Committee’s court filings against Trump.

Nevertheless, this was all for political theater.

For months Pelosi has expressed skepticism over a successful impeachment. Moreover, she realizes the political fallout from a failed impeachment attempt.

Ultimately impeachment will fail in the Senate. Even more importantly, impeachment will fail in the house:

Pelosi has privately clashed with Nadler over his aggressive impeachment agenda, arguing the public does not support it and it does not have the 218 votes to pass on the House floor. So far, about 137 Democrats say they would vote to open an official impeachment inquiry.

The relationship between the two veteran lawmakers has become strained. While Pelosi has blocked the House from formally voting to open an impeachment inquiry, Nadler declared he is authorized to begin one even without a House vote. –Washington Examiner

What do rank and file Democrats think?

Florida Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala told the Washington Examiner,

“Am I concerned? The answer is yes!

“In my district, I’m not getting asked about impeachment. I’m being asked about healthcare, I’m being asked about the environment, and about infrastructure. It’s not like around the country they are thinking about impeachment. It’s a Washington phenomenon as far as I can tell.”

And Shalala is not alone.

Other Democrats now regularly express concern privately to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and rightfully so. Democrats struggle to find footing as efforts fail to impugn President Trump in any way. Their consistent efforts to undermine him do not sit well with the general public. That same public wants to know what Democrats plan to accomplish.

Many more people see Democrats as radical obstructionists. From many vantage points Democrats are seen as pro-illegal immigrant versus pro-American citizen. Also, Democrats don’t seem to care about First or Second Amendment rights.

Democrats openly state they hope Trump’s economy fails, finally giving Trump credit for the economy. So when the economy does not fail, Democrats lose yet another battle.

So no wonder Pelosi wants impeachment talks to die. Notwithstanding the public ass-kicking Lewandowski gave Nadler and team earned no points for the Party of Slavery and Hanging Blacks People.

The only chance Democrats have of impeachment is to win the Senate. Pelosi signals that Democrats have no chance of winning the Senate. Moreover, Pelosi may also signal that Democrats have no chance of keeping the House. At least if they keep up with the impeachment nonsense.

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