Police Beg Politicians: Back the Blue

We all know who started this war on cops. What we haven’t figured out is how to end it, once and for all.

Obama made the job of peace officer one of the most dangerous occupations in the land! More than two and a half years ago, we wrote the story of two officers in Whittier, California. They pulled up to a routine traffic accident, or so they thought.

Instead of rendering aid, the officers were ambushed by gunfire. One officer died on scene, the other ended up in critical care.

Such ambushes are almost common in the post-Obama era.

After eight years of stoking the flames of racial divide, police are no longer the good guys.

I previously wrote:

The rising violence in much of the country is driven by a “false narrative” that accuses police of racially biased behavior. Agreeing with that narrative, Obama warns parents their children could be harmed by police. Now things are so unhinged, schemes aimed at putting police in danger are being executed. Fake car accidents, fake domestic disputes, and other fake calls of distress lure officers into these situations where they believe they are going to help someone. Instead they are injured, or worse yet, killed. And where did this all start? It started with a President who wanted to call the police a bunch of racists. Obama’s fake narratives are just like all the fake news the Left creates, and it’s time all of it comes to an end.

Honestly, at the moment I wrote those words, I fully expected Obama’s damage to be completely undone by now.

Unfortunately, our police are still begging for politicians to acknowledge one thing. #BlueLivesMatter.

Fox News elaborates:

Police officers say they’ve got your back — but amid another dangerous year for cops nationwide, law enforcement advocates tell Fox News it’s time for politicians and community leaders to stop berating the badge and, instead, stand with those in blue.

Nearly four months are left in 2019, and yet dozens of brave men and women have already been killed in the line of duty this year. Of those, 30 officers’ deaths have been homicides. Officials say many of those killings involved domestic violence suspects who turned their wrath on whichever police officer came to the door first.

Some of those who died had just started their careers. Davis, Calif. Police Officer Natalie Corona had dreamed of following in her dad’s footsteps as a cop. At 22 years old she was already known for being a conscientious and empathetic cop. In January, she arrived at the scene of a car accident and was ambushed by an ex-convict who immediately opened fire. Corona fell after the first shot, but the assailant reportedly kept firing, emptying his magazine.

Then he reloaded and started shooting again.

Other officers were veterans, like North County Police Cooperative Officer Michael Langsdorf, who’d somehow maintained his enthusiasm for the job despite nearly two decades in law enforcement. One day, Langsdorf got into a struggle with a man suspected of trying to cash a bad check in Missouri. As they tussled, the man grabbed a gun and struck Langsdorf in the head. As the 40-year-old lay on the ground, his assailant stood over him and shot him in the back of the head.

Common Denominator

When you take a look at the demographics, the 30 police officers killed in the line of duty this year have some similarities. But honestly, there are no big patterns. They come from different age groups and ethnicities. Also, they represent different cultures.

As Fox continues, these officers have one common denominator.

They came from areas all over the country. Some always knew they wanted to be a cop. Others didn’t figure out their calling until later in life.

The one thing in common: they all wore blue.

Even the challenges they face can’t explain the link between their deaths.

And even when officers are simply walking the beat, unpredictable threats abound. Recent viral videos have captured brazen youths dousing New York City cops with water and other liquids in broad daylight. And the ever-growing hazards of the job don’t even take into account the troubles affecting some officers…

The current rate at which cops are committing suicide described by one advocate as reaching “epidemic proportions in America.”

The challenges police officers are facing are widespread. But law enforcement advocates say the growing atmosphere of suspicion and distrust among certain political, racial and economic groups is being stoked in part by prosecutors and politicians — including several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who’ve been highly critical of police when discussing criminal justice reform and controversial use of force incidents.

“Before you verbally attack or chastise a police officer, look at the number of contacts police officers have in the country every day,” Jim Pasco, the executive director of the National Fraternal Order of Police, told Fox News. “The number of times an incident goes poorly and there is room to question an officer’s judgment, you will find that it’s infinitesimally small.”

Pasco implored those in leadership positions to “keep things in that perspective and you’ll see that you cannot [criticize] an entire profession nationwide because one person makes a mistake in one place.”

In other words, we can’t wait until we need to dial 911 to appreciate law enforcement. Donald Trump is working hard to restore respect to the profession. But Democrats must do their part to end this brutal war, and so far, they’re more interested in destroying Trump.

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