Trump vs Obama: Truly a No Contest on WINNING

The bad news keeps piling up on Democrats. They pull out all the stops to prevent a Trump second term, but nothing sticks.

Democrats are their own worst enemy. And their futility and desperation provide fodder for mocking.

Russian collusion collapsed, and Schiff and team sacrificed Bob “Mr Integrity” Mueller at the alter of deceit.

After that failed, Nadler and team fabricated grounds for impeachment. The first meetings backfired, as Lewandowski publicly bitch-slapped the hapless rubes.

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So who is the leader of the Democratic Party?

Hillary Clinton? I wrote that just to mock the Dems. The Clintons are so yesterday’s news, it’s a wonder the media gives them any coverage. Bill Clinton lies in the wasteland of the  #MeToo movement, while two-time loser Hillary hangs on to remnants of a coattail.

What of the party leader AOC or her surrogate Nancy Pelosi? No and no.

What about Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, or Jerry “No Neck” Nadler? No, no, and no.

I guess Barack Obama remains the Baby Daddy of the Democrats. If that is the case, then Democrats might want to keep searching for a step-dad.

According to Newsweek:

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating this week averaged across major polls surpassed that of his predecessor President Barack Obama at the same time eight years ago, giving some actual good news to Trump who is known to cite only conservative-leaning polls to bolster his image.

Trump’s approval rating on Wednesday was 44.3 percent, according to a Real Clear Politics average of more than a half-dozen major polls. That is higher than Obama’s average approval rating of 43.9 percent on September 18, 2011, by the same measure.

The 45th president’s average approval rating surpassed that of his predecessor on Monday and stayed on top for the next two days. Trump’s average approval rating on Monday was 44.1 percent compared to Obama’s 43.9 percent on September 16, 2011, and 44 percent on Tuesday compared to Obama’s 43.8 percent on September 17, 2011.

Ouch! After all Democrats have done to torpedo Trump, he’s ahead of Baby Black Jesus at this stage of his presidency.

And if Democrats could be completely honest with themselves (they can’t), they would admit that Obama’s number are as believable as a snowstorm in Phoenix in summer.

The article goes on to reference Trump pounding his chest over 50% approval with Rasmussen.

Trump has not tweeted this week about achieving a higher average approval than Obama, whom he has continued to criticize. But on Monday, the day he came out ahead of Obama, Trump tweeted an image of himself with “50% APPROVAL RATING” attributed to the conservative Rasmussen Reports, which consistently rates him higher than other major polls.

LOL on the dig at Rasmussen. The dig would be ok, if it were for the right reason.

Understand that Rasmussen had Clinton ahead by +2. And even they tried to spin the results,

Rasmussen Reports told you all along that it was a much closer race than most other pollsters predicted. We weren’t surprised Election Night. They were. Now Real Clear Politics has posted the final results, and look who came in second out of 11 top pollsters who surveyed the four-way race.

So the supposed pro-Trump poll had Trump losing? Yes.

Rasmussen brags about being the least wrong in their polling, and ironically they weren’t the least wrong. IBD actually got the 2016 race right, as they predicted Trump by +2.

So do you think it’s possible that Trump is actually doing better than the Rasmussen poll suggests? Frankly, I’d like to see an IBD poll on Trump’s approval.

Next, I’d like to see their polling on Obama. Because I suspect he too is not the leader of the Democrats. In fact, I believe most Democrat wish he would go away politically for good.