Warren Doubles Down: Impeach TODAY

Warren isn’t backing down from her “impeach now” battle cries. In fact, Tuesday Warren insisted the House start impeachment and specifically added, “it must start today!”

It all started with a tweet to Warren’s 3.2M followers. (Is it relevant to mention Trump has 64.7M followers?) Of course, the Tweet wasn’t embraced by everyone.

In fact, Warren hopes to piggy back her call to action on Pelosi’s impeachment meeting.

Breitbart elaborates:

Warren’s renewed call for impeachment follows reports of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) holding a 4 p.m. Democrat caucus meeting on Tuesday to discuss impeachment. While Pelosi has been hesitant to pursue the matter – telling Democrats during a caucus-wide call in August the public, “isn’t there on impeachment” – her Democrat colleagues appear to be using the alleged “whistleblower” case to push the inquiry, as the Mueller investigation turned out to be a bust:

 The alleged whistleblower, who did not even directly hear the purported conversations from Ukrainian leaders, claimed the president urged officials to reopen inquiries into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. As Breitbart News reported, “it is not clear what law, if any, Trump would have broken by urging the Ukrainian government to re-open the case.”

While estimates slightly vary, Democrats are short of a pro-impeachment majority in the House, with 175 in support out of the 235 member caucus. Democrats need 218 votes in the House to make it a reality. Even so, the inquiry would likely flop in the Republican-led Senate, requiring a two-thirds majority – or 67 senators – to vote in favor of impeaching the president.

Warren has increased her calls for impeachment in recent days, arguing that Congress should have taken swift action following the release of the Mueller report, despite the former special counsel not finding any evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Warren’s been on this kick for days now. Last week, her five pages of Twitter rants made me long for an afternoon nap. I haven’t been that bored since seventh grade health class.

Same Old Song

Clearly, this impeachment nonsense is the same old song and dance. More than two years ago, Maxine Waters made headlines with her cries for impeachment.

Back then, I wrote:

Thursday Waters appeared on MSNBC where she went on another Trump tirade. This time she was speaking about the popular intelligence dossier that circulated earlier this year. It’s obvious, Waters is absolutely obsessed with Trump and his bedroom habits.

I’m starting to think Waters is using that dossier as her own personal form of Adult Entertainment, if you get my drift. While being interviewed by Ali Velshi, all Waters could talk about was sex acts.

“We already know that the part about the coverage they have on him with sex actions is supposed to be true,” she confidently told Velshi. “They have said that that’s absolutely true.”

I’m not sure what rock Waters has been hiding under. But at this point even liberals have acknowledged the dossier is a fake. Buzzfeed published the report two months ago. Christopher Steele, former British intelligence agent, confirmed that the report was filled with unverified allegations.

The dossier contained information that Trump acted like a pervert with a bunch of hookers. However, the report is so fake that even CNN wouldn’t touch it.

Despite the toxic nature of the fake new dossier, Waters just can’t give up. The media gave up. Congress gave up. However, not Maxine.

And democrats haven’t changed since. Now, Nadler, Booker, Warren, Harris and good ole Beto lead the charge. But I have a tiny secret for all of them. They can look at impeachment from every angle, but in the end, they’ll just be Trumped.


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