Adam Schiff: Another Democrat Lying Skank

For those complaining that Baby Black Jesus got no support from Republicans, I give you the spawn of Satan and the Pekingese dog from Men in Black: Adam Schiff.

This lying skank makes Blasey-Ford look credible.

I have a question for scumbag Leftists. How long do you think Adam Schiff believes he can continue his damned and dogged pursuit of an innocent man?

Didn’t Schiff promise to provide evidence of Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians? And while Schiff believes we forgot about his declaration, he now moves to this Ukraine nonsense?

Interestingly, Democrats only now begin to question his motives. What took so long?

In case Adam Schiff missed the memo, he is the new scapegoat. Democrats gave this clown a lot of leash, and he hung himself.

The New York Post reported,

Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chair leading the impeachment proceedings, was ripped Thursday over the closed-door testimony of former US envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan stormed out of the hours-long deposition and told reporters that Schiff wanted to limit certain members from questioning Volker.

The congressman also said Schiff had barred State Department lawyers from participating in the closed briefing.

“If this is how Mr. Schiff is going to conduct these types of interviews in the future,” Jordan said, “that’s a concern.”

Volker, who stepped down from his role last week, is the first witness in the congressional probe of the anonymous whistleblower complaint that included details of President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

I miss the strategy of the Democrats in the Ukraine matter?

First, President Trump can ask Ukraine or any other country to look into potential illegalities of Americans. Particularly when loudmouths like Joe Biden brag about shutting down investigations into their crackhead sons.

Second, Biden is guilty, and thus a very stupid person to bet the farm on.

Even Democrats recognize Schiff’s huge mistake, as the article suggests:

Earlier Thursday, Schiff was ripped by liberal commentator Sam Stein for not disclosing that he was aware of the complaint before it was filed.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Stein took issue with Schiff not revealing in a previous Sept. 17 interview that his committee had in fact spoken with the whistleblower.

“I will say, this puts him in some trouble,” Stein remarked Thursday.

“He clearly wasn’t being forthright in that interview with us a couple weeks ago. And he should have been.”

Not forthright? Schiff outright lied about his contact with the “whistleblower”. Schiff’s actions are criminal, to say the least.

So Democrats find themselves with a new Stormy Daniels, except this one looks like bug-eye fool, to quote Aunt Ester from Sanford and Son.

Undoubtedly many Americans see Schiff for what he is. Democrats appointed him and Jerry Nadler as attack dogs to get President Trump. They have both failed miserably.

I can only imagine the “gizz” on Schiff’s face after Volker’s testimony. I’m sure it’s worse than Mueller’s recent foible before Nadler’s farce of a committee regarding Russian collusion.

But for Democrats the damage is far from over. Trump has gone on the offensive. So expect targeted nuclear blast that all but destroy the Democratic Party.


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