Another Warren Whopper Comes to Light

If I had a nickel for every lie Elizabeth Warren mutters, I’d be as rich as Donald Trump!

At this point, you’d think politicians would know the fact checkers plan to pin down every word they dole out.

Still, people like Elizabeth Warren insist on fabricating history. Her latest claim to face scrutiny is that she was fired for being visibly pregnant.

Fox News elaborates:

Warren has long told the story of how in 1971 she was fired in the first year of her teaching job because she was “visibly pregnant.” It has been presented as a key moment in her story, propelling her toward Harvard and eventually politics.


But that story was cast into doubt after a 2007 interview reemerged in which she said she left the job after realizing that the education courses that she needed to take weren’t working out for her.

“I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me.’ I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years and I was really casting about, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?'” she said.

Most recently, The Washington Free Beacon located county records from the local school board, showing that the board in April 1971 voted to extend Warren a second-year contract similar to the one she held the previous year.

A few months later in June, the minutes show that her resignation was “accepted with regret.”

Of course, Warren claims the records of such events hold the dishonesty, not her.

Opening Up

Monday, Warren stood by her account. In fact, she says her role as a US Senator pushed her to be more open about her life. In fact, according to Fox, Warren claims she was “pushed out, indicating that while the contract was extended in April when her pregnancy was not visible, that changed a few months later.”

Sadly, millions of American women have such a story to tell. But Elizabeth Warren is not one of them and she has no right to steal someone else’s hardships any more than she has a right to steal their heritage.

In fact, there’s one glaring problem with her story.

She’s the boy who cried wolf. Nobody believes her anymore. She’s not a Native American. In fact, she’s still trying to smooth that one over.

Recently, Warren addressed her Native Claims. But this time, instead of waving around her DNA, she tried to use the liberal apology tactic.

According to the New York Times, Warren recently visited Sioux City.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, speaking at a presidential forum on Native American issues on Monday, offered a direct, public apology for the “harm” she caused with her past claims of Native American ancestry and pledged to uplift Native people as president.

“Like anyone who’s being honest with themselves, I know that I have made mistakes,” said Ms. Warren, who was met with a standing ovation when she took the stage. “I am sorry for harm I have caused. I have listened. And I have learned a lot, and I am grateful for the many conversations that we’ve had together.”

She continued, “It is a great honor to be able to partner with Indian Country, and that’s what I’ve tried to do as a senator, and that’s what I promise I will do as president of the United States of America.”

This fake Indian who flubbed her way into Rutgers Law School and somehow landed on the Harvard Staff after using her “minority status” is the left’s only hope? The same lady who showed off her “Little Black Sambo” while drinking a beer on Instagram? Honestly, liberals are making 2020 way too easy. With Warren on the ballot, Trump has this in the bag.

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