CNN Staffer Regrets Hillary Clinton Coverage

Jeffrey Toobin has something to say about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

“As a journalist, I regret my role in blowing this story out of proportion.” Toobin tweeted.

It’s hilarious that the chief legal analyst for the most Crooked Name in News now apologizes for perhaps his only decent coverage in recent years.

As Fox News explains:

State Department report obtained by Fox News on Friday summarized a review of the handling of classified information relating to Clinton’s private email server. The report reflected only approximately 30,000 emails that the State Department was able to physically review and found 38 individuals were responsible for 91 violations. CNN’s top legal pundit is sorry he ever bothered covering the story.

“Note the mostly buried news that State Dept closed @HillaryClinton email probe with this verdict: no big deal. As a journalist, I regret my role in blowing this story out of proportion,” Toobin wrote on Monday to caption a New York Times report on the findings.

My guess, Toobin regrets his role in Hillary’s defeat. But he shouldn’t beat himself up too much, Hillary would’ve lost either way.

Conservative Media Responds

Chris Barron of Fox News was equally amused by Toobin’s “apology.”

Fox Continues:

“What Toobin means here is that he is sorry he did his job because it was politically damaging for Democrats. A truly independent and objective media should report the facts without regard for their political implications,” Barron said.

Another 497 violations were also found in the probe of Clinton’s emails. However the report was not able to assign responsibility in those cases, in part because many of those involved had already left the department during the time it took to receive the emails and review them.

Toobin expressed similar thoughts during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday.

“This is also a story about the news media, about how much time we spent on [the email scandal], and that’s something that I have felt a great deal of personal responsibility for, because I talked about the emails here at CNN,” he said. I think I paid too much attention to them, and I regret that.”

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck thinks Toobin’s tweet proves “CNN will go to the ends of the earth to prove its loyalty and assert dominance as the network for the Resistance.”

“This hand-wringing is shameless and totally out-of-touch. Deleting tens of thousands of e-mails that you weren’t supposed to and using personal email to share classified information would still get most anyone fired,” Houck said.

“For Hillary Clinton, its acceptance and pity as they not only circle the wagons on this issue but also refusing to eviscerate her baseless claims about Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. No snark there, either.”

Crazy Clinton

Every story involving Clinton just further illustrates the leftist hypocrisy. Imagine if Trump used his personal email server to send classified information. In fact, leftists wanted Ivanka’s head on a platter when she used her personal email. Her emails were simple logistics during her White House transition. Clinton’s emails cost people their lives and covered up sex crimes against a child. And it just keeps getting worse.

According to the article:

Clinton recently floated a theory that the Russians are “grooming” Gabbard and many observers have pointed out that the media would pounce on President Trump if he made a similar claim without evidence.

Toobin has proven to be a CNN loyalist. He recently defended his “colleague and friend,” former FBI deputy and acting director-turned-CNN pundit Andrew McCabe amid an on-going criminal probe related to his 2018 dismissal for a “lack of candor” toward investigators.”

Interestingly enough, Toobin also had a few comments about Andrew McCabe, the FBI Director-turned-CNN contributor.

“He’s a colleague and a friend to many of us who work here,” Toobin said last month when the Department of Justice rejected McCabe’s appeal of a probe exploring whether he misled investigators concerning a media leak about the Clinton Foundation just before the 2016 election.

Toobin went on to describe McCabe’s actions as “complicated as hell.”

He then added it’s “really difficult to understand even what the lie is here.”

Leave it to a leftist to be unable to discern the dishonesty. Clearly, Toobin doesn’t care about reporting. His aim is simply to tow the leftist line.


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