Follow the Money: Chelsea Clinton and Hunter Biden

You want to talk “white privilege”, then look no further than Obama’s staffers.

While crackhead Navy washout Hunter Biden has been in the news for his crooked deals with Ukraine and China, it’s really Chelsea Clinton who deserves equal scrutiny.

As Patriot for America reported:

If you listen to Chelsea Clinton speak, you might wonder if she’s capable of surviving a fourth-grade Language Arts class. She’s not impressive. But that hasn’t stopped Chelsea Clinton from landing a string of extremely high paying “jobs” through the course of her “career.”

One of Chelsea Clinton’s first private-sector jobs was working at McKinsey & Company. That’s a management consulting firm that teaches corporations how to conduct mass layoffs. McKinsey & Company does some analysis, shows a PowerPoint to the company’s board of directors, and then a guy who looks like Mitt Romney shows up in a limousine at the factory and fires your dad. Chelsea was a fresh-out-of-college 23-year-old when she got that job. Pete Buttigieg was on the board at McKinsey & Company at the same time, for what it’s worth.

With my background in management consulting, I assure you that McKinsey (how it’s referred to in the industry) takes only the top people. For Average Jane Chelsea, McKinsey is out of reach. The only way McKinsey hires Chelsea Clinton is for “know who” not “know how”.

Clinton received a degree in history from Stanford.

And while the media presents Chelsea as a brainiac, do we really know what her grades were?

She got the job at McKinsey while studying at Oxford. As for how she got to Oxford, let’s just say that two Hollyweirdos who recently were in court over gaming the system getting their daughters into prestigious schools certainly provide clues.

Regarding Oxford, one article reported,

She had a difficult start at Oxford, complaining of loneliness and, after the September 11 attacks, admitted she had scrapped her dreams of befriending non-Americans.

“It’s hard to be abroad right now,” she wrote in an article for a New York magazine in November that year. “Every day I encounter some sort of anti-American feeling.”

The 34-year-old Clinton received her doctorate degree in international relations from the prestigious university yesterday, with both parents in attendance. That makes four degrees for the public health advocate, but who’s counting? Well, it turns out Bill is. “She’ll have as many as her parents do — combined,” the former president joked when he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last month.

Yes, let’s build those fake pedigrees.

Patriot for America’s article continues describing Chelsea Clinton’s career path:

Chelsea also landed a position at Avenue Capital Group, a multinational investment firm. As near as we can tell, Chelsea never took a college-level math or finance class, but she sure is a big draw for Wall Street investment firms! It’s probably just a weird coincidence that Marc Lasry, the founder of Avenue Capital Group, is a major Democrat Party donor.

He was one of the top campaign bundlers who raised more than half a million dollars for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection. Lasry is also a bigtime donor to the campaigns of Democrat Senators and of course, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run. Mr. Lasry donates $33,000 to the DNC every calendar year, as well as $20,000 to the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.

I’m sure that Democrats will argue that despite Chelsea having no background to support this hire, the job was on the up and up. Coincidence. Like with Hunter Biden.

But Chelsea’s biggest career move came in 2011. As Patriots for America explains:

In 2011, Chelsea was ready to branch out in a new direction in her career. She was easily able to land a $600,000 per year job as an “investigative journalist” for NBC News. Now in normal circumstances, a brand-new report at NBC News in 2011 would have been put on an affiliate job in a small or mid-sized city, with a salary of $3,000 to $3,600 per month. But because of Chelsea’s vast years of experience in international finance, she was worth $50,000 a month and got to jump straight to the studios in New York City, on the big anchor desk next to Brian Williams.

America will be forever grateful to Chelsea Clinton’s investigative journalism prowess. Who could forget the time that she interviewed the cartoon gecko from the Geico commercials? There’s probably no other reporter in America that could have pulled off that scoop!

We wrote of Chelsea’s job at NBC and what her earnings per hour amounted to, given her actual workload.

Politico estimates that Clinton has “earned” about $1.5 million dollars in her tenure at NBC, or a whopping $445 per SECOND.

Clinton’s 14 past appearances identified by Business Insider included news segments where she interviewed the Geico gecko and feel-good “Making a Difference” pieces like one on foster grandparents and another on a program to provide therapy dogs to soldiers. She was also interviewed by other NBC reporters about her charity work and role in President Barack Obama’s inauguration. In total, Clinton’s segments from the past 2 years and seven months lasted just shy of 58 minutes.

Children of powerful Democrats getting job hookups most people would dream of.

I’m not telling Republicans what to do, but getting this information to blacks would make things difficult for Democrats.


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