Former Director of National Intelligence Throws Obama Under the Bus

In what likely sent the biggest shockwave through DC in over a decade, the former Director of National Intelligence threw Barack Obama under the bus.

Why is this such big, unreported news?

Because no partisan Democrat dare challenge Barack Obama, much less point the finger at Baby Black Jesus. Yet, that’s exactly what James Clapper did.

Listen to Clapper’s comments on this video.

Partial Transcript:

I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t think there was any wrongdoing. And I think that at that time all of us were trying to navigate a very very difficult politically fraught highly charged situation.

I know for my part, my main concern were the Russians and the threat posed by the Russians to our very political fabric.

And uh, the message I’m getting from all this is we were supposed to ignore the Russian interference, ignore the Russian meddling, and the threat it poses to us. And oh by the way hold off what the then commander in chief Obama told us to do. Which was to assemble all the reporting that we could, that we had available to us, and put it in one report that we could pass on to Congress and to the next administration. And while we’re at it declassify as much as we possibly could to make it public, and that’s what we did.

It’s rather disconcerting now to be investigated for having done our duty and told what we were told to do by the president.

Clapper said he doesn’t “think” there was any wrongdoing.

That’s not something you expect to hear from the Director of National Intelligence. Isn’t he supposed to know wrongdoing when he sees it?

Clapper set the stage to use the “Hillary Defense” that he didn’t have any “intent” to do wrong. If only he hadn’t made his next comment.

Clapper next described the situation “politically fraught” and “highly-charged”.

What does that have to do with his role as a non-partisan protector of America? Politics should have had no bearing in his so-called investigation of the Russians. Yet he alludes that he needed to “navigate” those issues. The basic question is why?

From my vantage point, Clapper just revealed that he knew of the politics of this situation. A situation that was highly-charged, because Obama wanted to insure that Donald Trump would never be president.

In Clapper’s next comment, he states that Obama instructed him to gather the intel, and pass it on to the Congress and the next administration. So Clapper puts himself in the crosshairs of AG Barr and John Durham as the person at the epicenter of the gathering of the ONE report he was to pass on.

Pass on to whom?

Clearly Obama and other elitist Leftists felt that the books were cooked. Clapper, Brennan, Comey, et al knew they would pass this tainted info on to what they believed would be President Hillary Clinton. Clinton would then give out medals and fat checks and Americans would remain clueless to what really happened.

And their plan would have worked, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids…and Donald Trump.

Back to Clapper’s public statement about Obama.

Understand that no high-level Leftist bureaucrat has gone against Obama. Yet Clapper clearly wants the world to know that he acted under orders.

And his declaration occurred before the recent news that AG Barr and John Durham will soon issue their report.

I suggest to you that Clapper knows all the shenanigans of the previous administration and that Barr and Durham know as well. He played his “get out of jail free” card publicly in his declaration. Moreover he let Obama and his minions know that Clapper was no longer on the team.

I would be that one would be hard pressed to find a criminal defense attorney in DC these days. Because Democrats have soaked them up.

When a bureaucrat at the level of DNI publicly denounces Barack Obama, you know the Democratic Party is scrambling. President Trump has the Democrats right where he wants them. Expect the news cycle to be all about what Democrats will call the “witch hunt”, and Trump revealing truth after truth to provide knockout blows to all the Democrats’ claims.

The Durham report represents an early Christmas present to America. But this present will be one we can open for years.


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