Hilariously Desperate Moves By Democratic Candidates

Democrats are cleaning house, because they all have dirt.

The new front-runner of the democratic candidates believes her fake Indian days are behind her. She’s mistaken. Nevertheless, Elizabeth Warren now woos the black vote. Here’s how.

Warren announced that she would look at failed gubernatorial candidate and scandal-laden Andrew Gillum as a potential VP. I consider this (1) pandering, and (2) the remake of Mandingo.

I get it. A black man can be Warren’s #2, even with all his “angry black man toxic masculinity”. Let’s see how the #MeToo movement sees this. As for black men, understand Warren’s message: you will serve your white master’s woman.

I’m only surprised that Warren didn’t make this announcement with another on-camera beerfest.

But if you think Warren has issues, look at creepy crooked Joe Biden.

He was forced to have his son Hunter give up his crack money. Joe Biden got Hunter to resign from the Chinese company where Biden the Younger received $1.5 billion for his firm.

The only good thing about the Ukraine controversy is Biden managed to get people’s minds off his mental illness. Remember Joe Biden’s last attempt to stay in the game, when he said he would release his medical records.

Hey Joe, no need. We already know you are insane in the brain, and you’ve had two brain surgeries to prove it.

Biden is so insane, he’s challenging reporters and even President Trump to fight. The good news for Biden is he won’t remember his own challenges after 6 PM when his dementia tends to kick in.

Joe, I for one can’t want to see those doctored medical records.

Speaking of releasing medical records, let’s look at the former #3 hopeful of the Democratic candidates.

Senator Bernie Sanders pledged to release his medical records “as soon as we can” after the 2020 Democratic hopeful suffered a heart attack this month.

And exactly how soon is “as soon as we can”? Because last time I checked as soon as we can means immediately. It’s not like Sanders needs permission to release his own medical records.

One article I read, wrote:

The Vermont senator, 78, has been off the campaign trail since having two stents inserted to treat a blocked artery. He was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction, his doctors said in a statement on Oct. 4. He’s scheduled to return to campaigning in the next week, and said he’ll participate in Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate in Ohio.

Myocardial infarction? Let’s all say it together. “Heart attack”!

Because that’s what the almost octogenarian had…a heart attack. But Sanders doesn’t want his potential voters to know that he has one foot on the grave and another on a banana peel. Thus we get the spin.

“As soon as we can, and we intended to do that before the heart attack, and we’ll certainly do it with all of the information that’s available,” Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday when asked when he’ll release his records. “When you’re running for president of the United States, the American people have a right to know the condition of your health.”

What’s stopping Sanders from releasing the info?

Absolutely nothing. Except the fact that he doesn’t want his voting base to realize just how old he is, because that would give other democratic candidates a window of opportunity.

But to celebrate Sanders’ newfound youth, his campaign on Saturday announced a “Bernie’s Back” rally in New York City on Oct. 19. He might as well have hung a “Going out of business” sign around his neck.

Sanders said he didn’t think of dropping out of the race, and that he’s “feeling very well.”

Sanders said there were symptoms he should have heeded, including more fatigue, not sleeping well and “occasionally, I was a little bit wobbly.”

“I should have put two and two together, and I didn’t, and I’m sorry about that,” Sanders said.


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