Judge Ruling in Flynn Case Forebodes BAD NEWS for Democrats

The beginning of the end occurred for Democrats on November 8, 2016. They didn’t realize it yet, as Democrats continued their attempted coup of Donald Trump.

In their zeal to get Trump, Democrats tried to scare Trump “satellites”. Although the Leftist scoundrels hunted for over 18 months, the only heads on the wall were Flynn, Papadopoulos, and Paul Manafort. 

And now all that effort will be undone. According to Fox News,

The federal judge presiding over the case of ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has canceled a hearing scheduled for next week, citing his lawyers’ latest motion — which made a slew of misconduct allegations against the government while seeking access to supposedly exculpatory evidence.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan had scheduled a hearing for Nov. 7 with Flynn’s attorney and federal prosecutors in the long-running case, but said Monday it would no longer take place.

“In view of the parties’ comprehensive briefing concerning 109 Defendant’s Motion to Compel Production of Brady Material, the Court cancels the motion hearing previously scheduled for November 7, 2019,” Sullivan wrote Monday.

In other words, the new and very real investigation into the Obama administration’s attempt to shoe-horn in Hillary Clinton with their tainted witch hunt of Trump comes full circle.

The article continues,

The cancellation comes just days after Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell filed a 161-page brief demanding the government produce all evidence related to Flynn, while urging the court to “dismiss the entire prosecution for outrageous government misconduct” and hold the prosecutors in contempt.

Powell tweeted:

“#BREAKING: Judge Sullivan has canceled our hearing in early November because of the ‘comprehensive briefing’ of the parties”

For those wondering if Powell is being cryptic, fear not. He knows his client will soon get his pound of flesh.

I wrote a while back that Flynn would eventually be exonerated. I said this when another judge pushed back sentencing. At this time the Mueller investigation was still underway, but Mueller had taken a more docile tone with Flynn.

For the guy who indicted Papadopoulos on nothing charges, Mueller’s treatment of Flynn surprised me. And now we know why.

Mueller and team railroaded Flynn. The entire case against Flynn stemmed from the 2017 FBI interview; a setup.

In the interview, The FBI questioned Flynn about his conversations with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Flynn ultimately pleaded guilty to making false statements regarding those conversations during his interview, clearly part of the FBI’s “perjury trap”.

Why Flynn is in the driver’s seat

The explosive court document filed last week alleged that FBI agents manipulated official records of Flynn’s 2017 interview. Falsifying those record allowed the FBI to charge him with lying to investigators.

Common sense demanded the question, “Why would General Flynn lie about something so meaningless?”.

Because former disgraced FBI Director James Comey allowed this miscarriage of justice. Comey had one job: protect the Democrats at all costs.

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