Michael Moore Shreds Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Plan

Elizabeth Warren threw out a new little phrase at last Tuesday’s democrat debates. “Accountable capitalism.”

Then, Michael Moore attacked.

In Moore’s opinion, Warren didn’t go far enough with her plan.

As Fox News explains:

The “Fahrenheit 9/11” filmmaker, 65, was tweeting during the event when something the 70-year-old presidential candidate said caught his attention. Warren explained that she has a plan to combat corporations only caring about their bottom line that she calls “accountable capitalism.”

In short, the plan calls on companies to be held accountable to their employees and their local communities rather than just shareholders. Moore, who has an estimated net worth of $50 million and who Business Insider previously reported has nine homes, is typically known for his left-leaning point of view. He took issue with Warren’s plan in that it doesn’t do enough to dismantle capitalism.

“Senator Warren (whom I love) just said she believes in ‘accountable capitalism,’” Moore tweeted Tuesday. “There is no such thing. The only thing capitalism is accountable to is weath [sic] and more wealth for the wealthy. It’s only mission is to economically enslave the citizenry so the rich can get richer.”

It’s always funny when the wealthy put down the idea of being wealthy, as if they’re “not one of them.” This guy has a net worth of $50M, and you can bet he’s not out there trying to share his wealth.

But the irony of Moore’s disposition wasn’t completely lost.

Just check out some of these comments from Tweeters:

Of course when you’re looking at liberal’s Twitter feed, the stupidity really stands out.

Moore only has one real reason for attacking Warren. Like he said, she’s a friend of his. He actually likes her. But the problem is, she can’t beat Trump. And Moore’s been looking for the celebrity who can do that for the past two and a half years.

Moore’s Strategy

As we previously pointed out, Moore once unveiled his strategy for bringing Leftists back to life on an episode of The View.

It’s pretty hard to follow anything said on The View. Between the man-hating rants and the long-winded Leftist speeches, the show bores you to tears. The network could sell this show as a cure for insomnia.

That said, Moore’s didn’t disappoint, as his drivel proved comical.

Moore began by bashing immigration reform. Obviously anyone supporting the rights of citizens over illegals is a racist. Because who are we to try to keep illegals in their own countries, building their own economies? I wonder what Moore and other Leftists would think if America advertised,

Want to leave your crappy country and come to the best country in the world? America welcomes you!

You can bet Leftists would be livid.

“Who the hell is America to advertise for people to leave their countries. And what makes America the best country in the world?”

And what of the influx of Americans to other countries demanding our rights? You know, all the protests by Americans all over the world. Surely you’ve heard of them?

Next, Moore moved on to the racist state of Missouri.

How dare that state protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits brought by blacks seeking reparations? I’m sure Moore would love to see more “Fergusons”, where cities are sued, like Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland? All those racists incidents against innocent black criminals carjacking, robbing, raping, and murdering. The prisons are filled with innocent blacks. And if Leftists know anything, they know innocence.

Moore discussed the electoral college. He claimed the system is antiquated and needs to be abolished immediately. And he should know, because he’s a mockumentary filmmaker.

But Moore was prophetic in one sense, as he predicted the Trump win. Given Moore’s prophecy about the election, Sunny Hostin asked Moore what the Democrats need to do in 2020.

Moore’s suggested a two-part masterpiece.

First, don’t cater to Republicans. Why listen to sane policy ideas brought by adults. That would defeat the purpose of being a Democrat.

Second, find a celebrity candidate. Because celebrities make great presidents, right? After all, they are actors.

Moore gave Democrats the answer long ago, and still, here they are searching for a way to pull out a win. All they need to do is elect Beyonce!


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