Moody’s: Trump Will Win by BIGGER Margin

We know Trump will win 2020. That’s a given.

And now, predictions say Trump’s margin will be even BIGGER than we imagined.

Of course, many polls are floating the idea that Trump is trailing several big democrats. Once again, they’re deluding themselves. However, one research firm puts Trump at the top of the list, by quite a wide margin.

As Newsweek explains:

The Moody’s model has predicted presidential elections with success since 1980 until its first miss in 2016. Like so many others, they predicted a Hillary Clinton win.

“In our post-mortem of the 2016 presidential election model, we determined that unexpected turnout patterns were one of the factors that contributed to the model’s first incorrect election prediction,” wrote Mark Zandi, Dan White and Bernard Yerbos of Moody’s Analytics.

“The model did not account for the individual attributes of the candidates other than whether they belonged to the incumbent political party. In other words, it assumed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were generic candidates, which they were not,” the research firm concluded.

Moody’s uses three models to come up with its forecast; in each case, Trump gets at least 289 Electoral College votes.

The “pocketbook” measure focuses on three economic variables: the change in gas prices, the change in house prices, and changes in personal income. This is where Trump shines brightest, grabbing a whopping 351 electoral votes.

“If voters were to vote primarily on the basis of their pocketbooks, the president would steamroll the competition,” the report said.

The “stock market” model relies on fewer economic variables than the pocketbook model and is the least favorable model for Trump, but it still currently predicts a victory for the president. Meanwhile, the “unemployment model” predicts a more comfortable win for Trump than the stock market model.

And this poll isn’t the only one to admit Trump’s lead.

Recently, we wrote this:

As Donald Trump constantly proves, most polls showcase Leftist hopes and dreams moreso than any reality of public opinion. But the Left keep trying.

Apparently, their polls don’t discourage the real Americans, Conservative Republicans, who now support President Trump at around 95 percent. And things appear to be getting better for the president with the unwashed masses.

New York Post reports,

Despite the launch of impeachment proceedings, the president saw a 2-point increase from a poll a month ago, according to the new Hill-HarrisX survey released on Wednesday and taken after the impeachment inquiry was begun.

That makes him just 2 points shy of his highest-ever approval rating of 51 percent last August, according to The Hill.

Just as encouraging for the president, his disapproval also dropped — to 51 percent, his lowest level this year.

Even Wall Street puts Trump in the lead.

How is a Trump lead even possible, given what the polls reported by the media on a daily basis?

If you believe the Leftist fake news media, your dry-cleaner could beat President Trump in a head to head match up.

Nevertheless, 24/7 Wall St reports:

In the match up with Biden, below are the particulars:

Biden does well with voters under the age of 50, more specifically millennials age 18-29 — Biden wins 50% to 38%. Trump, on the other hand, wins with voters older than 50, more specifically, voters aged 65+ —Trump leads Biden 56% to 40%. There were no surprises when it came to gender. Biden wins with women (Biden leads 48% to 39%) and Trump wins with men (Trumps is ahead 53% to 42%).

Where Trump does his damage is he beats Biden with independents (Trump leads 44% to 36%), small-city voters (Trump leads 47% to 43%), suburban voters (Trump leads 45% to 44%) and both candidates are tied with large-city voters (Biden leads 46% to 45%). When it came to race, Biden wins with African Americans (Biden leads 74% to 21%), but both candidates do well with Hispanics (Biden leads 48% to 46%).

I smell a Deep State swamp polling rat

Even with this polling, one must suspend reality to believe that any of these candidates are statistically within 5 points of President Trump.

All one need do is reflect back on 2016 polling that had Hillary Clinton leading Trump by a comfortable margin.

Real Clear Politics reported the following on the eve of the 2016 Presidential Election:

As of Monday morning, polls show a modest lead for Hillary Clinton. She’s ahead of Donald Trump in the RealClearPolitics four-way national average (which also includes Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein) by 2.2 percentage points and by 2.0 points in the two-way average.

Clinton also leads in state polls. If every state voted according to its RCP average, she would win with 297 electoral votes to Trump’s 241, surpassing the needed 270.

Those were the numbers on ELECTION EVE! Crooked Clinton by as much as 2.2 percent. Other polls had her even farther ahead, essentially unbeatable.

As Kevin Jackson recently wrote:

I understand the Democrats’ need to fool themselves with fake polls. Because what else do they have?

A failed coup forebodes a turbulent 2020 for the criminal conspirators. And while Democrats pray for a recession, sadly for them America will continue to thrive.

But worse, President Trump put businessman Trump on steroids after the election. Trump found his sea legs. And in his role as President, Trump continues decimating the media and the Deep State.

Trump replaced a corrupt and feckless administration with the most accomplished administration in modern history. And if Democrats believe that fake polling will change that, the 2020 President Election will be another kick in their asses.

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