Play Some Marvin Gaye: Trump About to Get up in Democrats’ Orafice

Put on some Marvin Gaye, because President Trump is about to get all up in that Democrat ass.

President Trump goes officially on offense against the Democrats scoundrels who attempted the coup against them.

According to Fox News,

U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing probe into potential FBI and Justice Department misconduct in the run-up to the 2016 election through the spring of 2017 has transitioned into a full-fledged criminal investigation, two sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News on Thursday night.

One source added that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s upcoming report on alleged FBI surveillance abuses against the Trump campaign will shed light on why Durham’s probe has become a criminal inquiry. Horowitz announced on Thursday his report would be available to the public soon, with “few” redactions.

And while this is bad news in and of itself, that’s only the beginning.

Because now the DOJ gets the opportunity subpoena witnesses, file charges, and impanel fact-finding grand juries.

In other words, the farce that Congressmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff have been performing will be real.

Democrats’ worse nightmare has become reality, as the article suggests:

Fox News reported on Tuesday that Durham’s probe had expanded significantly based on new evidence uncovered during a recent trip to Rome with Attorney General Bill Barr.

Barr reportedly told embassy officials in Italy that he “needed a conference room to meet high-level Italian security agents where he could be sure no one was listening in.”

Democrats’ stall tactics failed, as they knew they would. So Democrats began setting the stage a while back, claiming that Barr and Durham approached their investigations as partisans. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

But it won’t work. President Trump exposed the Democrats as ruthless politicos hell bent on his destruction. And now the worm turns.

In the words of Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on”!

Donald Trump gave Democrats every chance to stop their vicious attacks. And with each chance Democrats proved themselves to be the party of unscrupulous scumbags. So now he will burn down their house.

You can bet that President Trump’s DOJ won’t piecemeal their discoveries. I suspect this case is wrapped up so tight, America can consider it an early Christmas present.

At this point, I recommend the Democrats heed the words of Marvin Gaye and accept their sexual healing. One thing is for sure, Trump will give Democrats the shaft, and they can expect it to be long and hard.

“Get up, get up, get up, get up, let’s make love tonight.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, cause you do it right.”

Who will get the long arm (and something else) of the law?

Let’s begin with James Clapper and John Brennan.

Sources told Fox News that Durham was “very interested” to question former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, an anti-Trump critic who recently dismissed the idea. The New York Times reported Thursday that Durham’s criminal review has prompted some CIA officials to obtain criminal legal counsel in anticipation of being interviewed.

Recently James Clapper threw former president Barack Obama under the bus.

Clapper doesn’t “think” there was any wrongdoing?

What a statement! I will touch on this in another post.

For now, understand that Clapper wanted it clear that if there was any wrongdoing, he was ordered to do it. That’s a far cry from Clapper’s other public comments about this affair, notwithstanding President Trump.

In June of this year, Clapper said this of President Trump saying he would listen to foreign governments if they said there was wrongdoing.

Brennan and Clapper apparently conspired with Obama in this third-grade spy thriller.

Brennan and Clapper were at the helm not only when Mifsud spoke to Papadopoulos, but also when an unverified and largely discredited dossier, written by British ex-spy Christopher Steele and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, was used to help justify a secret surveillance warrant against former Trump adviser Carter Page in the run-up to the 2016 election. (The Times’ reporting on Thursday, which overtly framed Durham’s probe as politically tainted without evidence, did not mention the Steele dossier at all.)

The FBI apparently obscured the fact that the Clinton campaign and DNC funded the dossier in its warrant application, telling the secret court only that the dossier was prepared at the behest of an unidentified presidential campaign.

And as we all now know, the Democrats needed the election of Hillary Clinton to tie this doomed plan off.

As for Brennan, here is his last tweet at the writing of this article:

Read @SamanthajPower’s terrific memoir, The Education of an Idealist, to understand what it takes to be a national security professional.

As Mr. Trump seeks to politicize foreign policy, I salute our diplomats for standing firm & remaining faithful to their oath of office.

Brennan’s tweets won’t age well. And you can bet he will soon be singing a different tune, as we learn of his treachery.



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