60 Minutes: Syrian Refugees STEAL BILLIONS from Veterans and Children

When you are $22 trillion in debt, you’re broke. But debt that other people pay has never stopped the socialists who call themselves Democrats.

America cannot help our own citizens, yet we continue to import every other countries’ neglected people. We chronicled a veteran freezing to death, while immigrants slept in warm beds paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Not too long ago, 60 Minutes reported that 12,000 Syrian refugees were imported into America in 2016. These refugees now enjoy unending welfare afforded by American taxpayers. What the liberal puff-piece failed to report, according to News with Views, were the millions of dollars spent to feed, house, educate, transport, pay utilities, provide medical care, and more for these immigrants. 

The future cost to American taxpayers is estimated in the billions for these refugees due to birth rates and migrating relatives, as they continue to live on the American welfare system. In fact, thanks to liberals, these Syrian refugees steal the very benefits our children and veterans deserve.

Refugees before American Citizens?

Liberals ignore the following realities. Instead, they put the care of foreigners ahead of care for American citizens:

  • 48 million unemployed Americans subsist on food stamps and other welfare. Every refugee admitted displaces an American from a job. This costs taxpayer money that will never be recuperated.
  • 60,000 to 100,000 U.S. military veterans lack jobs, homes, and medical care.
  • One out of four African-Americans lacks a job at a living wage. Three out of four African-American children arrive out of wedlock and live with single mothers on welfare and entrenched in poverty.
  • America is currently $20 trillion of debt and pays over $40 million monthly in interest on that debt because Congress can’t and won’t act responsibly.
  • Thirteen million American children live below the poverty level.  
  • Chicago is a killing zone for African-Americans with murders every day of the year and into the hundreds annually.

America’s Priorities

The reality is, America does not have the money to be the world’s savior. Sadly, we cannot help everyone who needs it.

Surely, that makes sense. Just imagine if your neighbor needed help with his mortgage, and you paid it. Then, his neighbor heard you paid it and asked for your help. Quickly, the neews spread down the block. How long could you help? This is no different. Thus, Americans need to pay our bills first.

Other countries, even near neighbors of Syria who have the financial means, need to do their part. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt.

America needs to take care of our own citizens who need jobs, housing, education, and hope. America is deep in debt. We cannot afford a constant influx of immigrants. Currently, the American taxpayer spends $113 Billion per year on for immigrants, according to Social Contract.

Why is America sacrificing its own citizens’ needs to those of immigrants?  Imagine how much help we could provide to our failing schools, dilapidated roads and highways, jobless and homeless veterans and children, and so many other American citizens, if we take care focus on America first. Instead, we encourage Syrian refugees steal as much as they can.

Assimilation and Productivity Required

According to News with Views,

The United Nations reported that “100 million people want to immigrate to America. They only lack “a visa and plane ticket.”

American taxpayer cannot afford that bill, and it shouldn’t even be an option for us to get it. The other 40 majority Muslim countries need to take in these immigrants, as their assimilation there would be a better cultural fit.

America imports people who drain our resources and often refuse to assimilate to American culture and values, except the Leftist value of being a drain on society. Meanwhile, leftists watch these Syrian refugees steal and cheer them on.

If these immigrants want sanction in the U.S., we must require them to become productive, working members of American society.  Clearly,  they can’t continue living off American taxpayers for an unlimited period of time. It’s fracturing our country into ethnic group chaos, cultural suicide, and political divisiveness like we’ve never before seen.

Unfortunately, many demand America changes. They want our nation to accommodate their religious beliefs. But they need to do their homework. Because American immigration has always required assimilation. We will not become a nation that sponsors the unconstitutional Sharia Law, or other Islamic cultural taboos.

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